An integral part of Buenos Aires’ proud heritage is entrenched in Argentina’s national dance, the tango.

Experiencing this fiery spectacle first-hand is a must for anyone visiting the ‘Paris of South America’ and, as you might expect, there are plenty of places and ways to catch a show.

Due to the creative nature of tango, each company will put on a unique display in order to tell their own story and history.

One of the most common ways for tourists to see a tango show involves dinner while you watch the couples twirl on stage, making it a great all-round evening.

However, if you feel like you would like to have a go yourself, some venues offer a taster lesson beforehand.

Located on the Av. Belgrano 2608, The Complejo Tango is one such venue and it not only gives you the chance to try tango but it is one of the most comprehensive experiences in Buenos Aires.

Each show begins with a complimentary lesson where you will learn a few basic steps for this famous dance. As well as being a great experience in its own right, the lesson also gives you a greater sense of how difficult it is to perform the tango, making the show later on even more impressive!

Step by step, partner by partner, you will grow more accustomed to this brilliant dance while working up an appetite for the meal to come!

Dinner is good, without being amazing, but remember, you’re here for the dancing and the music, so don’t get too carried away with the level of the food.

Complejo Tango prides itself on the esteemed cast it assembles. From world-class musicians to the sensational dancers who use their bodies to narrate and express their story, the whole evening is put together splendidly for your entertainment.

And if you don’t fancy having a go yourself, there are plenty of other places in BA that just offer dinner and a show.

La Ventana Tango Show, San Telmo, is known for its spectacular show, with solo couples, groups of couples and even a gaucho dancer getting in on the act.

For a more polished, West End-type performance, head over to Tango Porteño, for a mixture of excellent choreography, top-notch production and impressive lighting.

Once the show is over it’s likely that the city will be just waking up for the evening, and so there’s plenty of fun still to be had.

Head over to Palermo for a fancy cocktail or to the San Telmo district for some of the more alternative bars in town. Buenos Aires is most definitely a city of the night.

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