The USA has long been a favourite holiday destination, boasting beautiful cities, quaint seaside towns, tropical beaches, and breathtaking wilderness throughout the country. With our USA multi centre holidays, you can explore all that America has to offer. Choose from one of our pre-planned itineraries or contact us for a tailor-made holiday plan and find a holiday you’ll not soon forget!

Things to do on an American multi city holiday

There are countless options of things to do on your America multi city holiday. If you’re a fan of fine dining, the USA boast countless world-class restaurants throughout the entire country, but especially in the major cities of New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. If you prefer to relax, the beaches of south Florida and Hawaii are some of the best places to unwind. For nature lovers, America boasts some of the most spectacular scenery and natural monuments in the world. Check out the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park for vistas you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life! No matter what you are looking for, you can experience it with a USA multi city holiday.


Where are the best attractions in the USA?

New York City is the largest city in the US, with a number of world-class museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art. Washington DC, the nation’s capital city, is scattered with incredible monuments honouring the country’s history, including the sky-scraping Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. Natural phenomena like the Grand Canyon and California’s redwood forest are can’t-miss sites for nature lovers. Yosemite National Park offers a range of natural monuments, like the iconic El Capitan rock formation.


Information on US cuisine

The cuisine in the US is inspired by cultures from all over the world, creating a food scene that is as delicious as it is expansive. For world-class fine dining experiences, large cities like New York and San Francisco have a wide selection of options, including two and three-star Michelin-rated restaurants. New Orleans is another culinary gem, with its selection of Cajun and creole cuisines, which include French, African, Caribbean, and southern influences. The American South West is where you’ll find some of the best South American and Mexican-influenced foods in the world. No matter what you are looking for, USA multi city holidays are an excellent way to explore the vast food landscape in America!


Where should I go for a beach holiday in the USA?

If there is one thing the US has plenty of, it’s beaches. The east coast is renowned for its beautiful beaches spanning from Maine to Maryland! For a beach vacation in tropical waters, check out Florida, which has options in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea. If you want to add a little sport to your beach vacation, places like San Diego and LA offer world-class surf destinations along with expansive beaches. Finally, if you prefer that island getaway beach vacation, there’s no better option than Hawaii! With its wide selection of beaches, all of which are unique to their geography, you’re sure to find the beach vacation that suits you!

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This itinerary is extremely popular as it combines Las Vegas, San Francisco and LA, the west of America’s three most popular cities.

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This self-drive along America’s legendary ‘Mother Road’ runs from east to west, visiting a variety of American landmarks and cities.

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Explore the east coast's most popular city New York, before heading for fun in the sun in Miami, with the option to head to the Keys.

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14 Night Packages, From £1,975

Combine laid back San Fran with Maui, an idyllic and peaceful tropical paradise, said to boast the world's most unspoilt beaches.

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This lively twin centre combines the trendy and lively city of LA, with the fun packed tropical island paradise of Oahu (Honolulu).

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Experience the ‘real’ America on this multi-city holiday to America, visiting the musical cities of Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans.

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9 Night Packages, From £1,095

The party city of Vegas and laid back San Fran, with a scenic drive in-between where you'll see dramatically changing landscapes.

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14 Night Packages, From £1,235

Combine theme parks and beaches. Choose a resort near to Orlando or a beach along the Gulf Coast or on the Florida Keys.

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10 Night Packages, From £1,155

See the famous of sights of New York, then explore two cultural cities, Philadelphia and Washington DC travelling by rail.

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Embrace the true Texan spirit by visiting the state’s vibrant cities of Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, either rail or self-drive.

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Experience 2 exhilarating cities, before exploring 2 of Hawaii's most popular islands, Oahu & Maui. Itineraries don't get much better.

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A once-in-a-lifetime holiday for city lovers who want to truly immerse themselves in US culture.  5 of the best US cities, all in one trip.

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Experience the Rockies and Yellowstone, mixing city exploration with some of the world’s most beautiful scenery.

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