If you’re looking for the ultimate sunny getaway, look no further than our Florida twin centre holiday. This itinerary allows you to combine the excitement of Orlando with the very best of Florida’s beaches in one trip. You’ll be spoiled for choice for fun and entertainment in the Orlando segment of your twin centre holiday, before sitting back and relaxing on some of the best beaches Florida has to offer.

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7 Nights – Orlando
7 Nights – Florida Beaches
Miami (Optional)

UK – Orlando (7 Nights): For the first part of your Florida twin centre holiday, you will fly from your chosen UK Airport to Orlando. Here, you’ll spend seven nights enjoying a city which has more than earned its name as the world’s capital of fun and entertainment. Most famous for Disney World, it now offers so much more.

🚗  Orlando – Florida Beaches (7 Nights): After the excitement of Orlando, you’ll be ready for some time relaxing at the beach. For your Florida twin centre holiday, you can choose the resort which is most suitable for you, or we can offer advice to help you pick the most appropriate destination. You can visit more than one beach resort or even combine Miami into your itinerary; just speak to your consultant to arrange your tailor-made itinerary.

If you don’t want to travel too far from Orlando, then we can suggest properties along the Atlantic Coast (approx. 1-hour drive). We can either arrange a transfer to get you there or hire you a car. With resorts like Daytona, Cocoa Beach, and Palm Beach to choose from, you can enjoy the ideal mix of fun and relaxation.

If you’d prefer the Gulf Coast, then Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete’s and Sarasota are all popular options (approx. 2 hours’ drive). Tampa is a dynamic coastal city with theme parks and stunning beaches, while Clearwater, St Pete Beach and Sarasota offer miles of pure white sand and a relaxed seaside vibe. To get you there, we can hire you a car, arrange road transfers or book an internal flight down to Tampa.

Moving further south, Fort Myers and Naples are two other great options, boasting stunning tropical beaches, historic seaside villages, stylish boutiques and trendy restaurants. They’re approx. 3½ hours’ drive from Orlando, so it’s a little far to arrange transfers; however, we can either hire you a car or arrange an internal flight for you.

Visiting the Florida Keys is also well worth considering for pristine beaches fringed by swaying palm trees and shimmering blue waters. From Key Largo to Key West, each of the 400 Islands is packed with amazing sights. To explore the Florida Keys, car hire is a must. You can drive down from Orlando, or we can arrange an internal flight down to Miami, and you can drive from there.

🚗  Florida Beaches – Miami: You then have the option to finish your stay with a few nights in Miami before flying home. Miami is a great city as you can explore the city, relax on a beach or enjoy the amazing nightlife.

Miami – UK: After your Florida twin centre holiday, you will return home. Depending on where you finish your itinerary, we can return you to Miami or Orlando, or get you an internal flight from a local airport. We will go through all the options with you to find the most suitable way of getting you home.


Why choose a Florida twin centre holiday?

A Florida twin centre holiday is the perfect option for anyone who is planning a beach getaway but wants fun and entertainment, too. Adding Orlando to your twin centre holiday promises exactly that, with an abundance of entertainment hotspots, theme parks such as Disney World, shopping options, and excellent nightlife. So, whether you’re planning a family holiday or a romantic trip, there’s sure to be something for you in Orlando.

Our Florida twin centre holidays give you the best of both worlds – a fun city or theme park adventure, combined with relaxing on some of the most stunning beaches in the USA.

Things to Do

What month is best to visit Florida?

The best month for your Florida twin centre holiday depends a lot on your personal preferences – especially when it comes to the weather. Florida’s climate is subtropical, so you can expect it to be warm all year round. However, the mid-summer months, such as July and August, can be hot and humid. They also fall within the Atlantic hurricane season, which is between June and November. While you’re not necessarily guaranteed dramatic weather during hurricane season, if you visit during these months, be aware that you may experience tropical weather, including storms.

Just before the peak summer season, in April and May, you can expect pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making them an excellent time to visit.


Can you swim in the ocean in Florida?

Florida is well known for its stunning beaches and is an excellent place to visit if you want to swim in the sea. Due to its hot weather and extensive coastline, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to take a dip – and you’ll find the water is pleasantly warm, especially during the summer months.

If you do want to swim in the sea during your Florida beach holiday, always follow beach safety guidelines. You’ll find plenty of beaches with designated areas and lifeguards to ensure you’re staying safe in and around the water.


What are the best things to do in Orlando?

If you choose an Orlando twin centre holiday, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to things to see and do. The Florida-based city offers an abundance of tourist attractions as well as local hotspots, so you’re sure to find something to suit you.

Walt Disney World Resort is, of course, a must-visit if you’re in Orlando. Containing several theme parks, including Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and the iconic Magic Kingdom, you could easily spend your whole trip exploring Disney. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for rollercoasters or you just want to explore, watch the parades and take in the magic, Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando promises memories for a lifetime.

As well as Disney World, Orlando is also home to Universal Orlando Resort, where you can find Universal Studios. With attractions based on some of the most famous movies in the world, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando will delight the whole family.

Alongside theme parks, Orlando offers excellent restaurants, shopping and nightlife. Head down International Drive, a bustling street packed with entertainment, malls and attractions, or ride on the giant Ferris wheel, ICON Orlando. For culture, you can head to the Orlando Museum of Art, where you can take in stunning and diverse artwork from around the world. If you choose an Orlando and Florida twin centre trip, all this and more is waiting to be explored.