If you’re considering a visit to the Caribbean, a multi centre holiday is an excellent opportunity to get more from your trip. Whether you combine exciting cities, charming old towns and sandy beaches or opt for an island-hopping adventure, a Caribbean multi centre holiday allows you to explore all this stunning destination has to offer. Visit the Bahamas and Barbados for trendy restaurants and luxury hotels, Cuba and Aruba for unique culture, or Dominica and Nevis for secluded, luxurious vibes – or combine elements of all into a bespoke itinerary for a truly diverse holiday.

What are the top destinations to include in a Caribbean multi centre holiday?

The Caribbean is packed full of amazing destinations to include in your multi centre holiday. No matter where you visit, stunning beaches and weather await! Popular destinations across the Caribbean include the Cayman Islands, a collection of three islands known for beachside activities, watersports and wildlife, or St Lucia, one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands. Barbados is also an extremely popular destination, famous for its bustling scene, trendy bars and exquisite fine dining. With 365 beaches, Antigua and Barbuda offers an eye-catching coastline wherever you turn. Or, head to Cuba for a fascinating country with a rich history. From its excellent artistic scene, street performances and exciting nightlife to UNESCO World Heritage sites, cobbled streets and natural landscapes, a stop in Cuba on your multi centre Caribbean holiday will ensure a trip to remember. Of course, the top destinations for your multi centre holiday in the Caribbean depend on your preferences, so feel free to contact our friendly team to assemble your dream destinations.


What is the best time of year to visit the Caribbean?  

The best time of year for a Caribbean multi centre holiday depends a lot on your preferences regarding weather. Peak season runs from December to April, when you can find warmer temperatures and lower humidity. This peak season is an extremely popular time for tourists looking to escape cooler temperatures in the UK and US, so you can expect larger crowds and higher demand for tourist spots and activities, sometimes resulting in higher prices. May and November are considered ‘shoulder’ seasons, as they sit on either side of peak season. You can expect pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds during these months, although November does fall within hurricane season (which is from June to November) so we’d always recommend checking weather patterns if you’re considering a visit.


What is food like in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean is well known for its excellent cuisine, and if you head here on a multi centre holiday, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice. Rice, beans and peas are a popular staple and are often cooked with coconut milk, herbs and spices. Jerk seasoning also plays a big role in Caribbean cuisine; look out for dishes such as jerk chicken or pork, which are marinated before being slow-cooked or grilled and served with sides including rice, plantain, festival (fried bread) and coleslaw. Street food options such as ackee and saltfish or patties are great for on-the-go, while seafood dishes like escovitch fish showcase the island’s plentiful coastline.

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