If you’re considering a visit to the Caribbean, a multi centre holiday is an excellent opportunity to get more from your trip. Whether you combine exciting cities, charming old towns and sandy beaches or opt for an island-hopping adventure, a Caribbean multi centre holiday allows you to explore all this stunning destination has to offer. Visit the Bahamas and Barbados for trendy restaurants and luxury hotels, Cuba and Aruba for unique culture, or Dominica and Nevis for secluded, luxurious vibes – or combine elements of all into a bespoke itinerary for a truly diverse holiday.

Multi centre Caribbean holidays with eShores

This is a collection of our most popular Caribbean multi centre holidays. We can, however, offer any Caribbean itinerary, as well as combine it with many other places around the world. If you already know the Caribbean multi centre holiday you want, request a quote and we can start putting your itinerary together. Unsure what you want? We can guide you through the options, offer advice and help you find the most suitable itinerary.

Why choose a Caribbean multi centre holiday?

Choosing a multi centre holiday in the Caribbean is a fantastic way to explore all this excellent location has to offer. Rather than just visiting one place, you can island hop and tick multiple stunning destinations off your travel bucket list. You can also combine exciting city breaks with relaxing beach holidays, giving you the best of both worlds. So, if you’re struggling to decide between a culture-packed vacation or a laid-back beach getaway, you can do it all in one with a Caribbean multi centre holiday.

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Popular Caribbean Multi Centre Holidays...

14 nights,  From £1,575

This combines St Lucia, the Caribbean's most beautiful island with Barbados, famous for its trendy bars and fine dining restaurants.

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14 nights,  From £2,025

This itinerary combines the sophisticated Grand Cayman with Cuba, famous for its old world charm and Latino spirit.

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14 nights,  From £1,475

Combining the Caribbean's most popular islands, the chic and trendy Barbados, with Antigua famed for its 365 stunning beaches.

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15 nights,  From £1,815

This combines the Caribbean's most popular islands, loved for their amazing restaurants, stunning beaches and luxury hotels.

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14 nights,  From £1,685

Experience vibrant Cuba, combining the charismatic city of Havana and the charming town of Trinidad, with the island's white sands.

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15 nights,  From £1,750

This combines destinations which complement each other well, whilst each offering something different and unique.

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10 nights,  From £1,015

Combine the USA with a Caribbean Cruise or fly straight to the Caribbean to relax on an island before heading off.

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21 nights,  From £2,725

Combine the most popular islands of Barbados, St Lucia and Antigua, with the quaint Grenada and the secluded St Vincent.

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14 nights,  From £1,735

This combines two of most beautiful islands, St Lucia with its lush tropical rainforest and Antigua famous for its 365 stunning beaches.

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14 nights,  From £2,615

This twin centre offers exclusive hotels, stunning beaches and a laid-back vibe, with both islands offing something quite unique.

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10 nights,  From £1,595

A harmonious blend of relaxation and adventure, in the smallest independent country in the Western Hemisphere makes for a blissful getaway.

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10 nights,  From £1,498

This itinerary lets you combine where you want to go in the USA, with your preferred Caribbean islands, the possibilities are endless.

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