This itinerary offers something a little different to the main islands, but still offers stunning beaches and a relaxed Caribbean atmosphere like you’d expect.

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6 Nights – Tobago
3 Nights – Trinidad
6 Nights – Grenada

✈  UK- Tobago (6 Nights): First you will fly from your chosen UK airport to Tobago. We will meet you on arrival and transfer you to your hotel for where you will stay for 6 nights. This stunning paradise was once named the ‘World’s Leading Green Destination’ so the stunning landscapes and unspoilt beauty make it the ideal place to unwind and get in to the Caribbean spirit. If you do want to explore the island, its scenic interior boasts verdant nature reserves, crumbling sugar plantations, forested hills and tiny villages.

✈ Tobago- Trinidad (3 Nights): After your stay in Tobago we will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you back to the airport for your onward flight to Trinidad. It’s only a short flight so it won’t be long before we’re meeting you at Trinidad airport, we’ll then take you to your next hotel where you’ll stay for a further 3 nights. We can even transfer you between the islands by boat if you’d prefer. Whilst in Trinidad you can explore the lively capital of Port of Spain, offering all the fun and excitement of a bustling city. The city also offers cultural highlights such as temples and museums, whilst the island boasts a diverse range of wildlife, striking waterfalls, caves, lagoons and even a mud volcano.

✈ Trinidad- Grenada (6 Nights): When your stay in Trinidad comes to an end we’ll transfer you back to the airport for your flight to Grenada. After another short flight we’ll be meeting you at Grenada airport and taking you to your final hotel where you’ll spend your last 6 nights. Grenada known as the Spice Island is famous for its ginger, nutmeg and vanilla, as well as its mountain forests and beautiful beaches so exploring this beautiful island is a must. Its enchanting capital St George, with its collection of pastel-coloured colonial houses that cling to the hills surround a sheltered blue lagoon which is the ideal place to shop during the day and dine out at night.

✈Grenada- UK: After your stay in Grenada we’ll return you to the airport, for your onward flight home.

Things to do in Trinidad

Trinidad is not the typical Caribbean Island to visit, but the lively capital of Port of Spain is well worth exploring with all the fun and excitement of a bustling city. During Carnival season, steel-pan music fills the air, and the atmosphere is electric.

However, there’s much more to Trinidad than its capital city and its’ famous carnival.  The swamps and forests are a bird-watcher’s dream, the hiking and cycling trails are spectacular and each coast offers a totally different character.  The northeast is rural with rugged beaches whereas the southwest is home to the island’s Indian culture with flamboyant temples and the aroma of fragrant curry filling the air.

Things to do in Tobago

Tobago although small, being 42km long and 10km wide is known as the Caribbean’s greatest eco-destination and the stunning landscapes and unspoilt beauty make it the ideal place to unwind.

Buffered by the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Atlantic on the other, the island has a some of the best coral reef in the world.  The reef has been a protected marine park since 1973 and includes over 44 different coral species – any diver’s dream.

One km off the north eastern edge of Tobago is the tiny island of Little Tobago which is one of the most important seabird sanctuaries in the Caribbean.  So much so that David Attenborough even filmed part of his BBC series The Trials of Life on the island in 1990.  Today tourists as well as avid bird watchers visit the island each day intrigued by the very special undeveloped island and its spectacular inhabitants.

On land, Tobago’s most important natural site is the Main Ridge Forest Reserve.  Having been protected since 1776 it is the only piece of prime forest – land that has never been developed or cultivated- in the entire Caribbean.  Coupled with the fact that the island was originally attached to the mainland of South America millions of years ago means that there are many indigenous species that are not found on other islands.

Things to do in Grenada

Grenada is a luscious, bountiful and idyllic destination with powdery white sands and warm blue waters.  This island certainly meets the Caribbean dream complete with peaceful waterfalls and verdant forests inland.  There is so much to see on Grenada, the capital St George is picture postcard perfect with its pastel coloured colonial houses clinging to the hillsides.  The old fort is worth exploring with its dark tunnels while the restaurants and shops of the capital will need no encouragement to entice you in.

The spice estates that have given the island its income for so many years are fascinating.  It’s not called The Spice Island for nothing – the island is famous for its plentiful ginger, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon and clove production.  You can literally smell the nutmeg on Gouyave’s main road where the vast processing station sorts the island’s spices- another great place to visit.

Grenada’s way of life is constantly friendly and welcoming, there are fantastic restaurants overlooking the stunning beaches serving fresh crab and delicious Caribbean specialities – this is a truly charming experience!