Dreaming of dazzling-white beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, swaying palms, and laid-back vibes? The Caribbean is calling your name! But with over 700 islands to choose from, it can be challenging to decide where to go. Are you in search of total seclusion, hidden coves, and beachfront shacks? Or do you prefer established resorts and a wide range of dining options?

Let us guide you through the Caribbean’s diverse destinations and help you discover the island that suits your every desire. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, the Caribbean has it all and because island hopping in the Caribbean is relatively easy, it makes the perfect choice for a multi-centre itinerary.


Looking for The Complete Caribbean Package?

Antigua, Barbados, and St. Lucia consistently earn top spots on lists of the best Caribbean islands, and it’s easy to see why. These medium-sized gems offer the perfect blend of developed resorts and lively local culture.

Barbados is renowned for its secluded shores, boutique hotels, and gastronomic experiences that will tantalise your taste buds. With its rugged rainforest-covered landscapes and exquisite Creole cuisine, St. Lucia (pictured below) provides a feast for the senses. Meanwhile, Antigua boasts 365 stunning beaches and lavish resorts, each with its unique charm and character.

While prices on these islands may be higher than some of the other islands, the service, amenities, and luxurious surroundings make it all worth it, and by choosing one of these islands or combining it with a stop on a multi centre holiday, you’ll be immersed in a world of crystal-clear waters, top class hospitality, sun-kissed beaches, and vibrant local culture.


The Authentic Caribbean Experience…

If designer boutiques and high-end dining aren’t at the top of your priority list, you may wish to experience a more ‘authentic’ Caribbean experience on one of the lesser developed, more low-key islands, such as Grenada (known as ‘Spice Island’) or Tobago.  While stepping outside your hotel may offer fewer high-end comforts, you will get the true flavour of the Caribbean by embracing yourself in the local laid-back culture, sipping on a rum punch at a lively beach bar and exploring the colourful street markets.

From Grenada’s spice plantations to Tobago’s tranquil beaches, these islands offer a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of modern life and a true taste of the Caribbean.


For The Modern Traveller (With Their Eye on Luxury)

If swaying palm trees, gentle lapping waters and pristine sands seem that little bit better with the comfort of a full-service resort, head to the Bahamas (pictured below), the Cayman Islands, the Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico has a distinctly Hispanic flair with beachside bars pulsing with salsa beats, while the other three islands are more American in feel, with casinos and shopping centres plus excellent opportunities for snorkelling, diving, and other water sports.

 While the Bahamas and US Virgin Islands are larger and offer a wider range of attractions, the British Virgin Islands are smaller and more exclusive, perfect for those in search of a more intimate and exclusive experience.


For a Chic and Boutique Couples’ Getaway!

In our opinion, almost all the Caribbean islands tick the box for a perfect romantic getaway, and the suitability for any couples’ destination is largely led by selecting the right accommodation. That said, if you’re looking for total seclusion and somewhere that is unashamedly dripping in exclusivity with intimate gourmet restaurants and luxe boutique hotels, Anguilla would be top of the list.  It’s a bit tricky to reach, but the trip is worth it, and we’d usually recommend combining it with another Caribbean Island or the US.

For a slightly more accessible slice of paradise, Turks & Caicos beckons with its breath-taking seclusion and some of the most coveted hotels in the Caribbean. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between idyllic beachfront hotels and vibrant nightlife, St. Barths (pictured above) is the ultimate destination. With its sophisticated capital of Gustavia, glamorous mega-yacht marina and stunning scenery, this island exudes unparalleled Caribbean chic.



For Something Unique…

Cuba ([pctured below) dazzles the senses with its vibrant colours and rich musical heritage. Here, you’ll find a plethora of charming towns and serene beaches that exude relaxation. Exploring Havana, Trinidad, and Santa Clara is like taking a step back in time, where you’ll encounter vintage cars, pastel-hued buildings, colonial architecture, and seafront promenades that rival the beauty of the beaches. When it comes to accommodation, Cuba has something for everyone, from large all-inclusive resorts to quaint casa-style properties, all offering great value for your money.

St. Martin/Saint Marteen is a truly unique place, divided in two by its French and Dutch heritage. The French side boasts serene and luxurious hotels, as well as an abundance of natural beauty, while the Dutch side is lined with charming boutiques and offers a livelier nightlife scene.

For those seeking to explore two islands within the same country, St. Kitts and Nevis are highly recommended. This laid-back duo boasts breath-taking mountain backdrops, lush tropical rainforests, stunning plantations, calm swimming waters, scenic railways, and a wide range of outdoor activities. Nevis is especially renowned for its unparalleled serenity. This hidden gem boasts pristine, secluded beaches, providing the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Unspoiled, Untouched, Away from The Tourist Trail

Travelling to unsoiled islands may require a bit more effort, but the rewards are immeasurable. For those seeking Caribbean destinations that have remained untouched by mass tourism, Bonaire, Curaçao, Guadeloupe, and Martinique offer an authentic and nostalgic experience that transports visitors to a bygone era. These islands boast beautiful, fine-sanded beaches, charming towns, and cultural treasures that retain their original allure, such as the colourful Dutch-like capital of Willemstad in Curaçao or Francophone Guadeloupe, with its serene, crystalline waters and uncrowded beach towns. Bonaire’s tranquil landscapes and cactus-filled terrain surround shallow reef bays while Martinique is a foodie’s paradise, complete with rum distilleries and hidden coral islets.


The Best Value Islands

There are several destinations in the Caribbean that offer stunning beauty without breaking the bank. The Dominican Republic (pictured below), Jamaica, and Aruba are just a few examples. In the Dominican Republic, large beach-side resorts with lots of facilities and all-inclusive offerings might mean there isn’t a great deal to explore outside of the hotel, but at a fraction of the cost of other islands, it is an attractive option.

Jamaica, though slightly more expensive, offers a unique experience beyond the resort with its rum shacks, reggae beats, and spicy Creole cuisine.  Numerous island tours are available to explore the country further (organised tours are recommended for safety reasons). Aruba, which lies outside of the Hurricane Belt, boasts low crime rates, top-rated beaches, and breath-taking turquoise waters. While Aruba may not offer as much variety as other destinations, its main beach, Palm Beach offers white sand, turquoise waters and a great variety of bars, restaurants, and shops, making it a great choice. Chain-style hotels provide both comfort and affordability, ensuring that you can enjoy your Caribbean holiday whilst looking after your wallet.


If Beaches Aren’t Your Main Focus

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path Caribbean experience, then Dominica is a must-visit island. With its lush rainforests, majestic mountains, and breath-taking waterfalls, this island paradise offers a nature-centric experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Swap the typical luxury beach resort for a unique stay in a guesthouse or small hotel, where you’ll be immersed in the island’s natural beauty. Trek through the mountains, discover hidden waterfalls, or even embark on a whale-watching adventure – the possibilities are endless. With its unspoiled natural wonders, Dominica offers an unforgettable escape for those who prefer adventure over lazing by a beach.


Getting To The Caribbean

If you’re looking for an easy escape to the Caribbean, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic offer multiple direct flights each week, including from regional airports.

Antigua, St Lucia, Tobago, Grenada, Bermuda, Aruba, and the Bahamas also offer many flights, but only direct options from London. Grand Cayman, and the Turks & Caicos also offer direct flights from London, but do require a short stopover.

We highly recommend combining at least two Caribbean islands to make the most of your trip, or even adding a US city to your itinerary for an unforgettable adventure. This allows you to experience the unique culture and beauty of multiple destinations in one holiday.

Using our expert knowledge and guidance, we can help to create a seamless and hassle-free itinerary that perfectly suits your preferences and budget and allow you to make unforgettable memories on your multi-destination trip to the Caribbean – why not get in touch with our travel advisors today?

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