While Argentina is famous for tango, fine wines and gauchos, it’s the steak in this marvellous country that many cannot wait to try on their trip.

The Argentines have this gastronomic treat down to a fine art, and if you’re a meat lover, this could be your culinary paradise.

Indeed, the level of beef here is so good you can pretty much just walk into a bus station cafe and get hold of a delicious cut of bife de chorizo (a popular, juicy sirloin). However, if you want to try a really prime steak then you’ll should head to Buenos Aires.

We’ve put together a few of the best steakhouses in the Argentine capital to give you an idea of where to head on your trip.

La Cabrera

Located in the upmarket Palermo district of Buenos Aires, La Cabrera is a popular tourist spot and therefore one that’s a nice introduction to steak in the city.

It can get very hectic around prime meal time (10pm onwards) so you must attempt to make a reservation early with your hotel.

The steak is fantastic and the portions are generous – and that’s in a country that isn’t shy when it comes to dishing up a hearty serving – and it’s these reasons that make La Cabrera one of the best places for steak in the city.

Palermo is a trendy district that offers plenty by way of nightlife. Head over to Plaza Serrano in Palermo Soho for an evening of trendy bar hopping. The revelry doesn’t really get going here until 12am onwards, so expect a late one!

Restaurant Estilo Campo

Head over to Buenos Aires’ bohemian hub San Telmo for a taste of the city’s alternative scene and yet more succulent beef.

Restaurant Estilo Campo is like many in Argentina – simple, no frills, but excellent steak. You won’t believe the price of a top cut of meat and you definitely won’t be let down by the food.

Service in Argentine restaurants can get a bad rep from tourists but this is often just because they are so busy. Restaurant Estilo Campo, however, is known for its great, attentive service even though it’s usually rammed to the rafters with tourists and locals alike.

On Sundays, San Telmo plays host to a huge street market. There’s plenty of fun to be had here as food vendors and antiques stalls line the cobbled streets all afternoon.


At the top end of the price list, you will find Tarquino in Recoleta. Some of the best chefs in the city ply their trade in this elegant eatery, where traditional Argentine food is cooked with a twist, and a touch of genius.

A rib-eye here will leave you speechless, but expect to pay for it! The fabulous white marble decor is all part of the experience and a remarkable contrast from the other restaurants on our list.

For something to do during the day, head over to the Recoleta Cemetery for a look at some of the most spectacular mausoleums you’re likely to see. You’ll find the final resting places of many famous Argentines including Evita Perón. The graves tower so high here, it’s like visiting a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires reserved entirely for the dead.

Take a chance

Sometimes it pays to take a chance on a random restaurant for dinner, and this is particularly true in Buenos Aires. Fantastic steak is available all over the city, even in places you might not think to go normally.

Some eateries have nothing more than a grill, bar and a few tables – you’ll be lucky if there’s even a menu – but these can be some of the best in Buenos Aires.

After a few nights of sampling the capital’s food, you should be confident enough to walk in and ask for bife de chorizo or whatever your preference of cut may be.

Remember, a dead give away for a good spot to eat is the amount of locals that are in the restaurant. If you don’t feel that confident to just walk into a place you don’t know about, ask the staff at your hotel where their favourite places to eat are.

Dining out in Argentina is not just mealtime, it’s an experience. Expect restaurants to be packed from 10pm onwards as whole families meet for their evening meal. Enjoy the culture of this fascinating country as well as the great food!

Gavin Lapidus Company Director

Gavin has been one of the directors at eShores since 2007. He came from a sales & marketing background, but always had a passion for travel. He has travelled to most places around the globe, including North and South America, Europe, the Far East, South Africa, Indian Ocean and Australia.