There can be no doubt that socialising with the locals and sampling their cuisine are two of the most rewarding joys of any holiday.

And if you’re lucky enough to be heading to Barbados this year then you’ll have the chance to do just that at the Oistins Fish Fry.

Friday nights see the little fishing village of Oistins transform into an open air market where numerous local fisherman grill their catches for locals and tourists alike.

Although there’s plenty of entertainment at the Fish Fry, the main event is certainly the wide variety of delicious seafood on offer.

As you near the market, your sense of smell will start to do back flips as the aroma of grilled fish, chicken and shellfish fill the Caribbean night air.

Choose from delicious seafood options tuna, marlin, swordfish, flying fish, mahi-mahi and lobster, with other meat and vegetarian dishes also available.

All the food is cooked on the spot to your liking, grilled or fried. How you have it depends on the vendor you choose, and there are plenty of them around.

The main activity all takes place at the Oistins Bay Gardens where you will get to mix with youngsters cutting shapes on the white sand and the older generation playing dominos among one another.

All the fun starts at 7pm, so get down early to avoid long queues for food – It’s a very popular night. If you want catch a sensational Caribbean sunset head down before 6pm, you won’t be sorry.

What started out as a one-off way for a few fishermen to make a little extra cash is now a regular occurrence, meaning you have a great chance of catching the festivities whenever you visit Barbados.

Located in the south of the island, Oistins also boasts a number of wonderful beaches which are perfect for relaxing on during the day. However, come the Fish Fry, the sand plays hosts to stalls and vendors selling all manner of mouthwatering treats and drinks.

Expect a beer and a plate of fish to set you back just under £10; it’s worth it for the atmosphere alone, never mind the delicious cuisine.

There are no frills about the evening, just good fun, excellent fish and fiery rum. So grab yourself a drink and enjoy the calypso rhythms!


Gavin Lapidus Director

Gavin is one of the directors of eShores. He came from a sales & marketing background but always had a passion for travel. Being a quick learner, Gavin soon learnt what went in to building and creating a dream holiday and he already understood what makes a successful business, this being the perfect combination, along with his customer focus, to create the eShores team. Gavin has travelled to many places around the globe from Europe to USA, the Far East to South Africa and Australia. There is not a destination he doesn't know. When he can get away he will always go somewhere new as long as he can enjoy nice food, nice wine and stay away from the Karaoke!