The Big Apple. The city that’s so good, they named it twice is a must-see destination with endless landmarks, attractions, diversity, dining and culture. To give you a flavour of what this vibrant city has to offer, we’ve rounded up the must-sees and must-dos right here.

New York’s Top 10 Attractions You Just Can’t Miss

With a different energy on every block, you’ll feel NYC’s pulse wherever you are. Maybe you want to stroll Greenwich village. Maybe you want a river dinner cruise. Either way, NYC isn’t complete without visiting the major sights.

1 – Time Square: Times Square is the 24/7 buzzing, billboard-flashing landmark that’s always packed, never boring and about as iconic as it gets. With live performers, a midnight digital display and every restaurant you can imagine.

2 – Observation Decks -Top of the Rock / Empire State Building: In a city known for its skyscrapers, taking an elevator up to the top of some of the city’s tallest is a must. The Empire State Building’s 102nd-floor observation deck and Top of the Rock at the Rockefeller Center are two of the most famous. The Empire State Building is an iconic landmark in itself but if you’re just going to visit one, we’d recommend the Top of the Rock. Firstly, you can take in views of the Empire State Building, but it’s also much more spacious and provides better viewing platforms to get those all-important snaps.

3 – Central Park: Covering an impressive 840 acres, you’ll never be able to explore all of it, but a stroll through the world’s most famous park should be on your list.

4 – Enjoying a Broadway Show: New York’s Broadway theatres are world famous and whether there’s a show you have your heart set on, or you’re happy to grab a bargain on the day, a night at the theatre is a must.

5 – Statue of Liberty: About as New York as it gets, this famous statue can be viewed from a statue cruise, you can hop on the free Staten Island Ferry or you can even get a ticket to climb the Pedestal.

6 – Ellis Island: An interesting insight in to the process immigrants to America went through.

7 – Brooklyn Bridge & New York’s Skyline: Cycling or walking over the Brooklyn Bridge is a great chance to get up a personal with this famous structure, and it’s a great way to take in some impressive views of New York’s skyline.

8 – 911 Memorial: An important tribute to visit, to remember the fearless fire fighters, police officers and victims who lost their lives.

9 – High Line: This once abandoned elevated train track has been turned in to a beautiful garden walkway. Take a tranquil walk along it’s paths, weaving above New York’s busy streets and enjoying the city from a different perspective.

10 – Grand Central: With its soaring columns and sky-blue ceiling, this historic spot is no ordinary station and should not just be considered as a transport hub.

A Bitesize Breakdown Of The Districts

Once you’ve visited the famous places in New York, you might want to venture into the various edgy, offbeat, ethnic or simply beautiful districts that form this urban jungle. Take the Upper East Side, known for its neoclassic architecture and world-famous Guggenheim and MET Museum. Then again, SoHo’s cobbles and cast-iron buildings offer fashionable boutiques, great nightlife and a convenient starting point for the nearby Greenwich Village, Little Italy and Chinatown.

For bohemian vibes and great coffee shops, there’s the East Village. For bargain hunting and souvenirs, there’s Canal Street. For a vibrant arts scene, chic galleries and pop-ups, Chelsea has markets, theatres and the Hudson River Park. Remember that NYC has five boroughs, so head to Queens for Latino flair or calmer Brooklyn for pretty streets and Coney Island’s beach.

Food, Glorious Food

Manhattan may be compact, but it’s got 24,000 dining spots. The city’s easily walkable grid system links thousands of delis, bagel joints, restaurants and food stands- there literally isn’t a cuisine you won’t find. Little Italy and Chinatown don’t need explaining (although don’t underestimate them). For that giant pizza slice or coffee that’s out of this world, try the East Village. The Financial District might not sound like it has much of a menu, but the steakhouses here are top class. The Upper West Side also has brilliant 50s-style diners (just like the movies).

Whether you want hot dogs in Central Park, Jewish chicken soup in a deli or a romantic, candle-lit restaurant, you’ll never be short of places to eat. Everywhere also delivers, so if hotel room takeaway is more your jam than street food, you’re literally catered-to. There are also endless bars, fast-casual dining and 24-hour spots across Manhattan.

Shopping, Nightlife (And The Free Stuff)

It’s no coincidence that pop culture’s biggest fashionistas found themselves living in NYC- anyone who watched Friends or Sex and The City will know what we’re on about. From the designer boutiques lining 5th avenue and the Meatpacking District to the East Village’s cosy bookstores and retro spots, there’s shopping for every taste and budget.

NYC’s nightlife really is something else- art house movies in SoHo, jazz clubs in the West Village, pubs and watering holes over in the East Village and on or off-Broadway shows are just the start. Whether you want roof terraces, dive cocktails or some family-friendly fun in Park Slope, this city is just bursting with bars, clubs, theatres and all the daytime activities that got slapped with the 24/7 opening hours.

Off-The-Beaten Track: Cool Things To Do In New York

Just like British cities, NYC has the standard touristy stuff (plus the under-the-radar alternatives). Once you’ve ticked off the New York landmarks, try something a little offbeat. Why not try an arcade bar? Or greenery in the bagel belt at Tompkins Square Park? Dodge the high prices with dumplings in Flushing, browse Long Island City’s Flea and Food Market or grab the ferry to Red Hook for great seafood, locally made wine and mini golf.

For something really unusual, the Mmuseumm specialises in everything “overlooked, dismissed or disorganised”. Track 61 is the abandoned subway station underneath the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. You can even see a miniature rainforest at New York’s Hidden Tropical Forest.

Getting Around (Easy Peasy)

New York is one of the most walkable cities in the world. Most of it forms a neat grid, so you’re unlikely to get lost- if you do, the locals will help you out. NYC has the world’s largest 24-hour subway system, plus bus routes, the iconic yellow taxis and Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tours. Walking is definitely the best way to take in the buzz, though.

Make It Yours (In A New York Minute)

You’re probably itching to go now. Browse our USA multi centre holidays for some twin destinations you might not have considered, or get in touch for a tailored quote. If balancing out New York’s buzz with a Caribbean beach break sounds up your street, why not twin NYC with Antigua? Whichever one you choose, make sure to ask about our hotel recommendations when you get in touch. NYC is the experience of a lifetime. We’ll guarantee you love it.

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