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Kadie joined our team in August 2007, as the longest standing member of our team, Kadie has grown with the Business and the industry so she pretty much knows everything there is to know.  If you have a question about eShores, Kadie’s the one to go to.

She loves travelling and exploring new places, and would always choose culture and exciting cities over lying on a beach. She’s been to the USA on numerous occasions and has explored many of the popular cities, some several times. She’s also combined a couple of her visits with a stay in Mexico, has also ventured further south to Brazil, as well as Canada in the north, so she really has a wealth of experience in that part of the world.  She’s spent time exploring Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, has toured Sri Lanka and visited many places in Europe over the years, so has a knowledge of many parts of the globe.

A bit more from Kadie..

What do you like to do when you’re not working at eShores?

Spending time with my Husband and Daughter, socialising with my friends and family, this usually includes going for (a few) drinks and eating a lot of food, wherever there is food I am there. Binge watching box sets when the little ones in bed! Listening to Podcasts – currently listening to Fearne Cotton ‘Happy Place’, Giovanna Fletcher ‘Happy Mum Happy Baby’ and Chris and Rose Ramsey ‘SMA’

What’s your top tip for packing?

Be prepared; nothing worse than queuing at the airport and getting stuck behind someone who hasn’t packed their liquids properly!

Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

CN Tower Edgewalk in Canada, it was an amazing experience but makes my feet tingle when I think about it now.







Portugal & Madeira




Sri Lanka


Miami & The Keys

Las Vegas


New York


Hong Kong