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If you’re looking for an action-packed holiday that has plenty on offer, it could be a good idea to head to a destination that allows you to get on your skis. Whether you’ve tried your luck on the slopes before or are keen to see how you fare, a trip that lets you ski for a day or two could be ideal.

Rather than heading off for a holiday that is purely about the snow, a multi-centre trip will allow you to make the most of the slopes while also seeing what else is on offer.

This means you’ll be able to explore a destination fully, making for an unforgettable vacation. So where can you enjoy a day of skiing as well as other activities? Here are five great multi-centre destinations:


Canada has so much on offer that it really is impossible to stay in just one area. This makes it a fantastic location for a multi-centre holiday, not least because you can head to the Rockies for some fun in the snow.

With stunning views that combine seemingly endless forests, deep blue alpine lakes and frosted mountain peaks, Canada will invade every sense. On top of the scenery, there is so much to do.

You can explore cityscapes, enjoy drives through the rugged country and, of course, hit the slopes for a bit of skiing. With a slope for every experience level and trained professionals on-hand to help improve your form, Canada is a great place to enjoy a day in the snow.

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You might not think that skiing and Marrakech go together, but in actual fact this destination has become increasingly popular with those who wish to indulge in a day on the slopes. You can enjoy time in the sun and exploring the traditional souks before heading to the Atlas Mountains.

This means you can enjoy a summer and winter holiday all in one trip – so long as the weather is right. Even if you don’t fancy testing your skiing abilities, the mountains are a beautiful area to visit and a wonderful escape from the bustle of the city.

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You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a spot of skiing as France has some great slopes for beginners and old hands. Make the most of your trip by enjoying the wine, cheese and bread that France is famous for before strapping on your skis and working these delicious treats off.

Whether you head to the French alps for a day or make the most of your time on the mountain by getting a chalet for the night, you’re sure to have an amazing time that doesn’t stop you from enjoying everything else that France has on offer.

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Another expansive country for you to explore that also offers skiing options is America. Depending on where you’d like to visit in the US, there are a huge number of mountain resorts that can be included in your holiday, especially if you opt for a tailor-made experience.

This means you can enjoy a city experience and all that the cosmopolitan area has to offer before getting a bit of peace and quiet on the slopes. What better way to spend a winter vacation?

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It may surprise you to know that you can enjoy a spot of skiing in South Africa, but the country is actually home to a fantastic ski resort. With winter falling in the height of British summer, you can take a break from the beaches and safaris and cool off on the mountain.

While snow does coat the slopes naturally, it can also be provided, which means you’re guaranteed good cover. If you find that the warm weather can get a bit much on a trip, this is definitely an ideal destination as you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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