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In the wake of the clocks going back and the cold weather starting to set in, you could be forgiven for wanting to escape the UK for a warmer climate. With the prospect of a long winter ahead of us, now is the perfect time to book a holiday and make the most of better weather elsewhere. But where to go? Here are a few suggestions:


While there are a few destinations in Europe that still get sun during the winter months, the best way to guarantee a hot break to escape the blues is to fly further afield. This does not have to mean huge amounts of money, as the cost of living in such places can be significantly lower. One fantastic option is Thailand, where temperatures remain in the late 20s degrees C and early 30s throughout the winter. This means you can be sunning yourself with a cocktail on a paradise beach, while those at home are battling the cold, rain and snow.


It’s never cold in Dubai. In fact, when the temperature drops a little it feels like a relief. This makes it a great place to escape for some winter sun and to cheer yourself up with a few of the finer things in life – we’re talking shopping, beaches and delicious meals in world-class restaurants. If these things don’t chase away the winter blues nothing will! Expect temperatures in the late 20s degrees C to mid-30s, allowing a dip in the sea to cool off on a regular basis.

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Temperatures in Morocco may be slightly cooler than those in the destinations listed so far, but they’re certainly going to be hotter than at home. Ranging from the low 20s degrees C up to the high 20s, there will be enough sun to go around. And if the weather doesn’t cheer you up, then the vibrant colours of North Africa’s souks certainly will. These bustling markets are an assault on the senses, selling everything from herbs and spices to brightly-hued clothes and carpets.


Fly over to the Caribbean to really beat the winter blues and lounge on a beach in Barbados with a rum cocktail. The mercury barely drops below 30 degrees C at this time of year, with practically guaranteed sunshine every day. As well as the famous paradise beaches on the coast, Barbados boasts a stunning interior, complete with fields of sugar cane, plantation houses, botanic gardens and fascinating caves.

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A little bit closer to home, Cyprus is a good European option for a bit of winter sun, with temperatures remaining in the low to mid-20s throughout November. By December, these will drop to the high teens, which still represents a good option for a little warmth without travelling too far. For many people, this time of year is much more pleasant for visiting Cyprus, as the summer months can be unbearably hot and dry. Planning a trip for the winter means being able to explore more in relative comfort.

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