With Christmas well on its way, the festive spirit can be felt in the air all over the UK. However, the only problem with this merry time of year is the typically bad British weather that comes with it.

But it doesn’t have to be all doom, gloom and de-icer, at least not for the whole of winter anyway! There is an alternative to the wet, the snow and the evenings that are growing longer and longer – a multi-centre holiday in the sun.

While the UK is languishing in the heart of winter, there are plenty of places around the world where sub-zero temperatures are nothing more than a bad dream.

To inspire you, we’ve come up with a list of our top five winter sun multi-centre trips.

1. Complete Caribbean Experience

Gorgeous white sands, beautiful warm waters and a world-famous laid-back attitude – there’s a reason so many people travel to the Caribbean for their holidays. During December, temperatures tend to hover around the mid to high 20s, perfect for idling on the beach or exploring the charms of this part of the world. The beginning of the month marks the end of the hurricane season and the beaches tend to fill up quick with tourists escaping the winter back home.

Our Complete Caribbean Experience holiday, is designed to deliver exactly what it says in the title. Lasting 21 days and taking in Antigua, St Lucia, St Vincent, Grenada and Barbados, you will get to see just what the Caribbean is all about.

Sample the world-class cuisine of Barbados and wash it all down in the lively bars, surround yourself in the stunning beauty of St Lucia and become immersed in the rich colonial history of Antigua, all in one trip.

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2. Sydney, Beaches, Islands & Reef

Australia is blessed with fine weather for long periods of the year, but it is at its best during the British winter. The seasons are basically reversed, so while you are going to and coming home from work in the freezing-cold dark, the Aussies are enjoying the incredible sun down under.

During the Australian summer, temperatures can quite easily reach the 40s – where better to escape the winter? Our Sydney, Beaches, Islands & Reef trip is designed to bring you the best of both sides of Australia, from its cosmopolitan cities to its awesome natural wonders. Here are just some of the highlights.

Sydney is a city with so much to explore, you’ll have your hands full in the four days you are there. A walk from Macquarie Point in the Botanical gardens will take you right up to the iconic Opera house and Harbour Bridge, with some of the best opportunities for pictures of both structures on the way. Relax on the beach in Manly or Bondi and then head over to The Rocks for culture, drinks and fine dining.

Seeing the Great Barrier Reef up close will leave you speechless. Whether you snorkel or dive the reef, you will never forget your experience here. Surrounded by thousands of tropical fish, the reef looks otherworldly once you get into the water and explore it properly.  Pictures and words cannot do this natural phenomenon justice, you simply have to see it to grasp just how incredible it is.

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3. Singapore & Langkawi

Southeast Asia is one of the best destinations to travel to to escape the winter and find beautiful weather. Year-round warm weather is pretty much guaranteed here and this multi-centre holiday takes you to a place where you can definitely take advantage of it.

After witnessing the unique cityscape of Singapore, you’ll be left with 11 days to delve into the beauty of Malay island Langkawi. A place of immaculate beaches, lush forests and impressive mountains, the island offers you the chance to explore, relax, or both – it’s your holiday after all.

Key highlights include the Seven Wells waterfalls, the sensational views from the Skywalk and the most popular beach on the island Pantai Cenang.

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4. Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket

Thailand is another country where the weather stays hot for most of the year, especially by British standards where we are lucky to get a month of sunshine. Temperatures range from mid to high 20s with it not being uncommon for the heat to reach the 30s in Phuket.

Our Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket holiday looks to give you a taste of the many sides of Thailand, and so you’ll get to see the city, the jungle and the beach all in one trip.

The frenetic pace of Bangkok will get you in the mood to explore, and there’s no better place than the lush green terrain of Chiang Mai. Here you can see majestic elephants, trek the jungle and experience some rural Thai culture. After this, it’s on to Phuket, a world-class beach resort where you can bask in the sun until you go home.

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5. Complete Thailand Experience

Thailand is incredibly popular at any time of the year, and that’s why it makes our list twice. Where as the previous trip give you a good overview of what Thailand has to offer, this one gives you the lot.

The culture, the city, the incredible islands, the beaches, the delicious food, the party vibe (if you want it), the dense jungle treks….. the list goes on. And you get to experience it all safe in the knowledge that all your friends back home are freezing in snowy England, not that that should make your holiday any better (even though it kind of does).

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Nadine Brown Director

Nadine is one of the directors of eShores. She left school at 16 and went straight in to a travel agency. Over the 28 years she has worked her way up in various sectors of the industry and also as an overseas representative in both summer and ski resorts. She has travelled to many countries from Europe to the Far East, USA to Lapland. Her extensive knowledge and experience has helped build eShores and the best team around! As a mother of 2 girls she is just as busy out of the office as he is in, but she always makes time to chat and being an ex rep she knows how to put on a good staff party!