Where to go on holiday next year? It’s never an easy decision to make and it’s one that’s made even harder now that long distance travel is much more accessible than it once was. Unlike times gone by, the world is now literally your oyster. Decisions, decisions.

The thing is, why settle for just one place when you can go to a number of locations during the same holiday? If, like most of us, you only get the chance to take one major trip a year, you have to make every second count!

So many people think that a holiday is defined by one location but this is not always the case. Our multi-centre trips give you the chance to travel, relax, explore and more, all in the same vacation.

To get you in the mood for planning your next trip, here are our most popular multi-centre holidays.

10. St Lucia & Barbados

The Caribbean is a popular holiday destination for a reason: it is absolutely beautiful. But if you look further than its warm, sandy beaches and delicious rum, you’ll also find an incredible culture and spirit here.

Our St Lucia & Barbados trip gives you seven glorious days in each destination. Unwind in the laid back paradise of St Lucia before heading to Barbados to be wined and dined in the islands many top restaurants.

9. Cities of Australia

Take in five of Australia’s biggest cities with a holiday that could we be considered the ultimate “city break”.

From the incredible sights of Sydney’s iconic harbour to the easy-going nature of Perth, this trip has something for everyone. Rural Adelaide has a fine foodie culture and is surrounded by picturesque mountains and Melbourne is the heart of all things hip down under.

End your stay in Brisbane, relaxing in the Queensland sun before heading back to the UK suitably chilled and tanned. This Cities of Australia Multi Centre really does showcase the best of Australia.

8. Cape Town & Mauritius

Truly a holiday for those who love dramatic scenery, the Cape Town & Mauritius combination offers you wild-life, world-class wine, sensational views and beaches of the highest order.

Come close to lions, experience the trendy restaurants of Cape Town and take in the solemn history of Robben Island, all in one trip.

After seeing the sights and sounds of South Africa and the Cape Peninsula, your holiday will take a very relaxing turn as you head to Mauritius where you will spend ten days in blissful paradise.

7. The Best of Vietnam

Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most popular spots in the world for tourists, what with its fascinating combination of culture, history, natural beauty and beaches.

There’s so much to experience on a trip to this part of Southeast Asia and lucky our Best of Vietnam holiday lets you see it all in equal measure.

From the vibrant hustle and bustle of major cities Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to the serene grace of Halong Bay and the wonderful beaches of Nha Trang, this Vietnam Multi Centre trip really does show you the best parts of Vietnam.

6. Venice, Florence & Rome

Closer to home, this Italian Multi Centre takes in three Italian gems.Sail down the romantic waterways of Venice before heading off to Florence for art, culture and, of course, incredible Italian food.

Finish your trip in Rome, a place that needs no introduction. The Eternal City should be on everyone’s travel to-do list and when you get there, you will see why.

5. Kuala Lumpur, Borneo & Penang

The fusion of different cultures that makes up Malaysia is one of the reason it is such a fascinating country to visit. Indian, Chinese and Malay influences have all had a hand in creating a stunning nation that is filled with delicious food, jaw-dropping scenery and a rich heritage.

Experience Kuala Lumpur’s unique city life , make friends with an orangutan in Borneo and relax on the beaches of Penang all in one trip. This Malaysian Multi Centre is by far our favourite Malaysia itinerary.

4. Singapore & Langkawi

From one of the world’s most incredible cities to an island that screams “paradise”, this trip is one of contrast and that’s why it’s so very popular.

After three days of sipping Singapore slings and exploring this cosmopolitan city, you will be transported to Langkawi, a place of soft, white sand, warm, azure waters and sensational luxury.

Both places on this holiday offer magnificent views of different kinds – you certainly won’t forget it in a hurry. This simple Malaysia twin centre is highly recommended.

3. Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket

Thailand is often considered the traveller’s ultimate destination, and for good reason. You can see elephants, explore the jungle, bask on the beach, party all night and experience wonderful culture all in this one trip. This Thailand Multi Centre is the ideal way to see the best of what the country has to offer.

From the vibrant organised chaos of Bangkok to the jungles of Chiang Mai and the vast beaches of Phuket, this holiday gives you an experience of the whole country without too much travelling around.

2. New York & Las Vegas

This Vegas & New York Twin Centre allows you to visit the Big Apple and Sin City in the same holiday, so you know you are in for an incredible holiday.

These two cities could not be more dissimilar, but then again, they are also both completely unique. Explore the sights of New York city, taking in the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and Broadway before rubbing shoulders with the highrollers in Las Vegas.

You can even take a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder that you simply need to see to believe.

1. Vegas, San Fran & LA

Sitting proudly at the top of our list is a trip that takes in the remarkable trinity of Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

After the experiencing the bright lights of Las Vegas, you will get the chance to explore two of California’s most incredible cities. San Francisco offers you the chance to see the legendary Alcatraz, cycle across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or sample the fine foods in one of the city’s many top-notch bistros.

In LA, you can visit the beach, go celeb-spotting in Hollywood and hit up central Los Angeles for trendy drinks and dinner. This itinerary is really packed with fun options – there’s a reason it’s so popular!

Nadine Brown Company Director

Nadine is one of the directors of eShores. She left school at 16 and went straight in to a travel agency. Over the 30+ years she has worked in various sectors of the industry and has also worked as an overseas representative in both summer and ski resorts. She has also travelled to many countries from Europe to the Far East and USA.