With Christmas just around the corner, we thought it only right that we suggest a few festively-themed trips to keep you in the spirit.

Christmas markets perfectly combine travel and the holiday period as they give you the chance to see how different cultures and nations celebrate.

And with a multi-centre holiday, you don’t have to settle for just one city or country – you can go all over the place!

As Christmas markets are incredibly popular in Europe, we thought that the continent would be the perfect destination for such a trip. As well as this, it is much closer to the UK for those who don’t want to be going far and wide so close to Christmas.

So, with that said we take a look at some of the Christmas markets you can visit on our Paris, Amsterdam & Brussels itinerary.


You will start off your trip in Amsterdam after a short flight over from the UK. This city oozes charm and you’ll struggle not to fall in love with it instantly, especially over the winter months.

When the canals’ banks are lined with fresh snow, Amsterdam looks every inch the perfect Christmas postcard and the markets on display are filled with festive cheer.

The city centre turns into a bit of a mini market itself during Christmas, with both Leidseplein and Koningsplein (located at either end of the Leidsestraat) setting up festively-themed stalls selling everything from little Christmas gifts to the usual snacks.

If you are after something a little different, then the Winter Warehouse Market is ideal for you. It’s all about design vintage here and it’s the perfect place to pick up a last-minute bargain for a loved one. Located at the Amsterdam Roest, there will be plenty of incredible food on offer as well. However, if it’s culinary treats you are after then the Neighbourfood Market is your ideal ticket.

A festive foodie’s dream, Neighbourfood sees all manner of food-related businesses and people come together in celebration. From sausage makers and local chefs to juice makers and artistic baristas, there will be someone here to tantalise your tastebuds.


After indulging in Amsterdam, you’ll take a two-hour train to Brussels and if you thought the Dutch capital was festive in appearance, get ready for Belgium!

Winter Wonders is without a doubt the place to be if you are looking for a Christmas market in this city. The centre of town is almost completely transformed into a festive grotto, with over 230 businesses setting up to help dish out the cheer and goodwill.

A huge course which spans from the Place de la Monnaie to the Vismet, the Grand-Place, the Bourse and the Place Sainte Catherine. Indeed, the beating heart of Brussels becomes a bona fide winter wonderland!

There are huge rides, an ice rink and stalls selling a wealth of magnificent handicrafts. And of course, there’s the food.

You can’t miss the place. There’s a 22-metre high tree, which is a present from the City of Riga and a fantastic Boule de Neige (Snowball) art installation from Quebec. The whole thing doesn’t end until January 4th so there’s plenty of time to see this brilliant market in full swing.


Ending your trip in Paris, you’ll have three days to explore this magnificent city before flying home to wrap the many gifts you’ve bought (just make sure you’ve got room in your luggage!).

The City of Light is one that you really should visit at least once in your lifetime. From iconic structures like the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe to hip neighbourhoods Montmartre and Bastille, Paris is a magnificent place to visit all year round.

However, at Christmas the city takes on a new appearance that makes it even more magical to visit – if that’s even possible. You are also spoiled for choice when it comes to Christmas markets, with the city having a number of great places to go.

For sheer atmosphere and appearance, the Village de Noël des Champs Elysées may be the best. The street is iconic enough normally, but when it’s entire length is strewn with sparkling lights, it really is remarkable. The gift variety isn’t too incredible, but the atmosphere is second to none – you’ll want to snap a few pictures here so don’t forget your camera.

The Village de Noël de Montmartre is another option, with 60 stalls set to make up the highest market in Paris. Very much a traditional market, this offering has everything you’d expect with a regional twist. The view isn’t bad either!

Get festive in style this Christmas and explore the markets of Europe.

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Gavin Lapidus Company Director

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