This 15-day itinerary includes the must-see highlights of this fascinating country and, along with experienced guided tours, there is plenty of time to explore independently at your leisure too. Starting with a few days in the buzzing, futuristic capital of Tokyo, you will then go on to experience traditional Japanese life in the mountainous town of Hakone. Onto Kyoto, you can marvel at the ancient splendour of this impressive ‘Shrine City’ before then visiting Hiroshima and lively Osaka. The beautiful alpine town of Takayama is last on your route before heading back to Tokyo. All travel between cities is by train.

14 nights, From £1,745*

Price is a guide for this itinerary including all your flights, hotels, trains and transfers.

* Prices are only to act as a guide


4 Nights – Tokyo
1 Nights – Hakone
3 Nights – Kyoto
2 Nights – Hiroshima
1 Night – Osaka
2 Nights – Takayama
1 Night – Tokyo

✈ UK – Tokyo (4 Nights): Upon arriving in Tokyo from the UK you will have 4 nights to be able to really explore this ultra-modern city as well as its’ ancient past. You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel located in one of the old, traditional neighbourhoods of the city. Over the next few days you will have guided tours as well as free-time so you can soak up the atmosphere, see the sights and enjoy the local cuisine. There is so much to do and take in here, start with a tour of the old town including Sensoji, the city’s oldest temple, take a cruise down the Sumida River and visit the shrines and beautiful gardens. You will also have time to do as you wish, be it shopping, visiting the food markets, experiencing the hectic Shibuya crossing, as well as visiting hip neighbourhoods and fantastic restaurants.

🚂 Tokyo – Hakone (1 Night): You will then travel by train onto the mountainous Hakone National Park in the shadow of Mount Fuji where, as well as admiring the stunning scenery, take a cruise across Ashinoko Lake, enjoy a restful soak in an Onsen hot spring and stay in a traditional Japanese Inn.

🚂 Hakone – Kyoto (3 Nights): Onto Kyoto, the ‘City of Ten Thousand Shrines’ take in the ancient splendour of the famous temples and shrines, take part in an ancient tea ceremony and admire the zen gardens. Visit the narrow shopping street of Kyoto’s kitchen as well as Gion, the home of the elusive Geisha.

🚂 Kyoto – Hiroshima (2 Nights): Heading onto Hiroshima, the City of Water, you can visit the Peace Memorial Park and the A Bomb Dome, one of the few buildings that remained standing when the bomb exploded. The Orizuru Tower gives an amazing view and you can also visit nearby Miyajima Island.

🚂 Hiroshima – Osaka (1 Night): From there you will travel onto Osaka, the city known for its culture obsessed with food and good times, this is a bright and bold, fun-loving version of Tokyo. Visit the Osaka Castle and enjoy a boat trip along the city’s waterways.

🚂 Osaka – Takayama (2 Nights): Heading back east, you’ll ride the famous Bullet Train before changing to travel onto Takayama, admiring the stunning mountain scenery as you go. With its beautifully preserved buildings and distinct culture, wander around this Edo period merchant town and visit the last remaining government building from Samurai and Shogun times. You can also experience a Sake brewery tour and visit a fascinating Hida Folk village to appreciate traditional Japanese life.

🚂 Takayama – Tokyo (1 Night): Taking your final train back to Tokyo enjoy one last night in the city with its’ endless restaurants, bars and karaoke joints.

✈ Tokyo – UK: You’ll finally travel back to the airport for your flight back to the UK.