This simple but thrilling itinerary combines to best of Japan’s cities with all the tantalising sights they offer, along with a stay in Okinawa, Japan’s most stunning beach resort.

14 nights, From £1,670*

Price is a guide for this itinerary including all your flights, hotels, trains and transfers.

*Prices are only to act as a guide


Tokyo 3 nights
Shizuoka 2 nights
Osaka 3 nights
Okinawa 6 nights

✈️UK to Tokyo (3 nights):  Your adventure begins with three nights in the bustling capital Tokyo: a veritable whirlwind of culture, history and modernity. Soak up the historic streets of Asakusa, where Senso-ji Temple stands with its iconic ‘Kaminarimon Gate’ and huge red lantern. Head to the vibrant districts of Shibuya with its awe-inspiring huge pedestrian crossing and take in the neon lights and entertainment in Shinjuku. The food is as eclectic as the city itself – with everything from street-side ramen to high-end sushi.

🚆Tokyo to Shizuoka (2 nights): Next, you’ll travel south to Shizuoka via bullet train, where you can relax for a couple of nights amidst the region’s stunning natural beauty. Head to Suruga Bay for some great views of Mount Fuji which can be seen in the background along the coastline – and where you can also sample some fabulously fresh seafood.  Also, visit the region’s tea plantations and sip the delicious local green tea.

🚆Shizuoka to Osaka (3 nights):  Hop back on a bullet train to Osaka, often called the ‘Kitchen of Japan’.   Here you can sample the delectable street food in the neon-lit Dotonbori and savour the traditional kaiseki cuisine. For a spot of history, head to Osaka Castle and the peaceful Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine.

🚆Osaka to Okinawa (6 nights – Beach):  For the final leg of your adventure, we’ll fly you to the tropical paradise of Okinawa, where you’ll spend six blissful nights on the region’s pristine beaches and swim among the azure waters of the East China Sea. This is the part of your holiday where you can simply lie back and relax on the beach or get involved in water sports such as snorkelling and diving to explore vibrant coral reefs.  If you’re yearning for a bit more sightseeing, head to the historical sites of Shuri Castle and Nakagusuku Castle.

✈️Okinawa to UK:  Your journey comes to an end in Okinawa, where you’ll fly back home, leaving behind wonderful memories of Japan’s diverse cities and beautiful beaches.