Our Essential Japan itinerary combines all the the must see cities, landscapes and attractions in to a compact 14 night multi centre adventure. From the 3 most popular cities of of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, to Hiroshima, a city of peace and history. You’ll also get a taste of the rapidly growing city of Fukuoka and what Japan holiday would be complete without a stop in Shizuoka to  visit Mount Fuji.

14 Night Packages, From £1,565*

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Tokyo 4 nights
Shizuoka 2 nights
Nagoya 2 nights
Osaka 3 nights
Hiroshima 2 nights
Fukuoka 1 night

✈️UK to Tokyo:  You’ll start your holiday in the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo, a city that never sleeps. Highlights of the city include the Senso-ji Temple with its iconic ‘Kaminarimon Gate’ and huge red lantern, and the more modern and bustling streets of Shibuya with its iconic pedestrian crossing.  Other visitor hotspots include the Meiji Shrine and the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

🚆Tokyo to Shizuoka (2 Nights):  From Tokyo, you’ll take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Shizuoka, which will provide a peaceful break from the high energy of the capital. Shizuoka is primarily known for being home to Mount Fuji and also for it exquisite teas.  There are lots of places to take in the views of Mount Fuji, for example at Miho beach or from the Ropeway aerial cable car. To visit the lush tea fields, take a tea plantation tour and sample some of the finest green teas in the country.

🚆 Shizuoka to Nagoya (2 Nights): Your journey continues as you step aboard the bullet train once again to reach Nagoya. Visit the iconic Nagoya Castle and wander through the lively Osu Kannon district, where you’ll find bustling markets and serene temples. An unmissable culinary adventure awaits with the ‘hitsumabushi’ experience, where you’ll indulge in a large portion of eel while knowledgeable restaurant staff expertly guide you through eating it in three distinct and delicious ways.

🚆 Nagoya to Osaka (3 Nights): Your next stop is Osaka, that you’ll reach via the bullet train.  One of the main hotspots is Dotonbori, a busy neon-lit area where you can indulge in street food favourites such as takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes). Make sure you explore Osaka Castle, a monumental landmark located in Chuo-ku, showcasing the exquisite architectural style of late 16th-century Japan.

🚆Osaka to Hiroshima (2 Nights):  Your next bullet train will take you to Hiroshima, the city that is home to the tragic atomic bombing in August 1945. The main highlight of the city is a visit to the Peace Memorial Park and Museum, where you’ll find the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, commonly known as the Atomic Bomb Dome, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, which showcases a collection of artifacts, photographs, and personal stories that detail the events of that fateful day and its aftermath.

🚆Fukuoka (1 Night): Your journey concludes in Fukuoka, that you’ll reach once again by bullet train.  Fukuoka is situated on the northern coast of Kyushu Island and offers a rich culinary scene, with its unique style of ramen known as ‘Hakata Ramen’ – a must-try dish. Explore the historic Fukuoka Castle and enjoy a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Ohori Park.

✈️Fukuoka to UK: Time to head back to the UK having experienced the true essence of Japan on this remarkable adventure.