Saba, also known as the ‘Unspoiled Queen’ is a truly hidden gem. This tiny 5 square mile island has less than 2000 inhabitants and only 4 villages, and has none of the usual trappings that usually attract people to the Caribbean islands. Saba has no beaches or shopping centres – but that’s part of the charm.


Saba is primarily a dormant rainforest-clad volcano and whilst it may not offer the traditional Caribbean experience, what Saba can deliver is spectacular hikes, fabulous scuba diving and terrific climbing. For those looking for a challenge, the 3000 feet high Mount Scenery provides a strenuous hike through unspoilt rainforest and, as the highest point on the island, offers an incredible view to reward those that reach its summit.

Eating out in Saba is a great experience – expect informal but hearty and a great homely atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re one of the locals! Some people choose to visit Saba for the day for a spot of diving, others like to spend longer here, in which case there are a good but small selection of hotels to choose from. Please call us to discuss your requirements.