Montserrat is a British Overseas Territory with a strong Irish connection and is lovingly referred to as the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean thanks to the influence of its first European settlers who were Irish. Its landscape in the north of the island is lush and its beaches are a pearly grey made from volcanic sand.



The island is possibly most famous for its active volcano, which offers visitors an unusual opportunity to witness from safe vantage points around the island and most easily from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. After lying dormant since pre-historic times, the volcano erupted in the southern part of the island in the mid 90s, covering its then capital, Plymouth, in a thick ash cloud, which meant that the capital had to be evacuated. The former capital is now a ghost town, much of which is buried underneath pyroclastic flows, lava, ash and other volcanic rock types. Tours can be taken on one of the island’s boat tours to see some of the destruction and devastation that the volcano has caused to Plymouth and the island.

Beaches on the island are a pearly grey colour with Rendezvous Beach being the island’s only white sandy beach, which is accessible from Little Bay via a hike or a short boat ride. Some of the island’s best snorkelling can also be found in the reef just off this secluded and beautiful beach. There are also a number of dive sites around the island that can be enjoyed by all levels of dive experience.

There are a small number of intimate hotels on the island, which offer a real sense of the true flavour of the Caribbean. If you are thinking of visiting or staying in Montserrat, please give us a call to discuss your requirements.