Martinique, a French Territory, is one of the most easterly of the Caribbean Islands, situated in between Dominica and St Lucia. It is an island of two halves and tends to attract different people for different reasons.


The north of the island is dominated by rain forests and mountains which are a hit with hikers and those looking for a sense of adventure… while the south of the island is more of a place to unwind and relax in the many luxury resorts and stunning sandy beaches. The climate is tropical and humid and the most popular time of year to visit is during its dry season between December to May. Between June and October is Martinique’s rainy season and the island can be susceptible to hurricanes during this time.

As you would expect from a Gallic country, the cuisine is exceptional with an abundance of French and Creole restaurants. There are many top class hotels to choose from to make your holiday to Martinique truly memorable. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.