Mount Huángshān is one of China’s most impressive natural wonders and its sheer beauty has inspired many artists and poets over the years. Also known as Yellow Mountain, it is said by locals that once you’ve seen its unique beauty, you won’t want to see any other sights as they simply won’t compare!

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The light here hits the mountains at such a perfect angle that light spills from the top and across the sky. This is called ‘sunglow’ by the natives and can be viewed just before and after sunrise. Those visiting between September and May can take a sky-ride up the mountains and witness ‘the sea of clouds’, a thick layer of cloud that lies between the mountains.

Whilst in the area you should also visit Hot Springs. The springs are home to a beautiful waterfall and there a singing String Spring which is a long rock that makes a twanging sound when hit by the spring water. You should also make a visit to the Banshan Temple, which is set on the mountain side.

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