Guilin is well known for its dramatic landscapes and its beautiful scenery, the likes of which have attracted poets and artists for thousands of years.

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When visiting, make sure to stop at the Li River. This peaceful body of water is the highlight of the region and is easily accessible via boat tours. Take a river cruise and enjoy a spot of lunch whilst gliding down the majestic waters, look out for paddy fields, small villages and water buffalo along the way.

A trip here is not complete without sampling the local food. Due to the river, fish plays a huge part in the local food scene, along with stir fried vegetables and noodles. For an authentic experience try Ylyuan Restaurant to sample some of the traditional spicy food that the city is known for. If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone then this is the place to do so as Guilin is also known for its dishes that include wild plants and exotic animals.

The nightlife is also excellent, even though many people travel here simply for the views and the food, sampling the night entertainment is a must. West Street is known to the locals as ‘Tourist Street’ for obvious reasons, here you will find street performers, bars, restaurants and night clubs. The music paired with the chatter of tourists gives this area a really exciting vibe.

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