Phoenix is known for its year round sunshine and its beautiful desert scenery. It draws visitors for the wealth of amazing hiking trails on offer, its array of high end spas, and its famous golf courses. It also has an energetic nightlife scene, so your days and nights can be as relaxed or as fun filled as you choose.


The food in Phoenix is high class. Due to its close proximity to Mexico and its multi-cultural society, Mexican food is the dish of choice in Phoenix. Manuel’s, Macayo’s and Garcia’s are all firm favourites, serving up delicious, authentic Mexican dishes. Pizzeria Bianco is popular with locals, serving renowned homemade pizza and is best visited after a day of shopping for a quick, satisfying bite. Some of the cities restaurants have been around since the 1940’s, like The Stockyard Steakhouse which was established in 1947! Mrs Whites Golden Rule café is also worth a visit; this southern style café serves up some delicious homemade fried chicken that will make your mouth water.

If your downtown, make sure you take a tour of Rosson House. This Victorian house stands alone on the corner of the block, and takes you back to the Victorian era – giving you a glimpse in to the life of the first Phoenix residents. The décor is antique and the ceilings are made of tin, and if you listen carefully you might even be able to hear the voices of the original occupiers.

For a relaxing afternoon, take a trip over to the desert botanical gardens. The desert is home to some prickly plants that can actually transform into beautiful colour displays. See the different types of cactus and the other plants that grow in the barren land!

Phoenix zoo is also a great option families, this is the largest non-profit zoo in all of the United States and has been internationally praised for its exhibits and educational programs. Also with an opportunity to pet the stingrays and even have a meeting with the giraffes, who can resist?