Philadelphia is the birthplace of American Democracy and was once the country’s capital, so it’s full of historical treasures. It’s woven together with cobbled streets, spacious squares and is a really intriguing city.


If American History is high on your agenda, the Independence National Historical Park should be where you head first, the city’s most historic square mile, home of many famous sites including the Liberty Bell – a historic symbol of American Freedom and Congress Hall. Independence Hall should also be on your ‘must visit’ list, which is where the Declaration of independence was signed. You can also visit the home of Betsy Ross, the maker of the American Flag.

If you’re a lover of museums, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum are excellent places to while away the hours. Whilst the Franklin Institute Science Museum is a great tribute to the scientist and an intriguing place to explore.

For a great holiday selfie, get a snap next to the Rocky Statue and the Rocky Steps, or for some eerie pics take a tour of the disused Eastern State Penitentiary.

For something a little different, head out of the city on a day trip to see the Amish Country, and get an insight in to a very different lifestyle.

And a must for any trip to Philadelphia has to be sampling the famous Philly Cheese Steak! Johns Roast Pork is a favourite with tourists and locals alike. However if you’re looking for a more fine dining experience, the city if filled with many places to try.