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Everyone talks about getting off the beaten track on their holidays, but it’s not always so simple when a destination is as popular as Thailand. Yes, it can be quite touristy at times, but this is mainly due to the fact that it is such a fantastic country, everyone wants to visit and enjoy the paradise beaches, delights of Bangkok and shimmering temples.

Taking all of this into consideration, you do need a plan of action if you really want to get away from the hoards, but it is possible. Follow these steps and you’ll find yourself in a secluded part of Thailand in no time.

Travel at low season

It may sound obvious but it is still worth saying – peak season is when Thailand is at its busiest, so avoiding this time of year will immediately cut down the number of tourists at the best beaches and attractions. This tactic is of course a trade-off, as there is a reason people like to travel to Thailand at certain times of the year and it’s usually the weather. In low season you may get a bit more rain, but it’s worth it if you want paradise to yourself.

High season runs from October to April and reaches its peak in December and January. Travelling between May and September therefore means fewer crowds.

Skip Khao San Road

You may be intrigued by this famous thoroughfare that attracts tourists en masse for cheap drink deals and tacky souvenirs, but we think it’s not really your bag. That’s because it is miles away from what authentic Bangkok looks like and apart from going to satisfy any curiosity it is best avoided.

Instead, take the Skytrain to Thong Lo station if you are in search of bars and restaurants that are more to your tastes. The area surrounding the station is right on the edge of the more Westernised side of Bangkok, offering up a good mix of places catering to foreign tastes and some truly Thai establishments. Head beneath the station to the mouth of soi 38 in the later afternoon to evening and get yourself some incredible street food that you’ll find hard to beat anywhere else in Thailand.

Photo credit: istockAsk those in the know

Nothing is better than a personal recommendation and asking locals for their top places to go can open up whole areas of Thailand that few tourists know about. If you don’t want to wait until you get out there to pose such questions to taxi drivers and hotel receptionists, seek advice from the experts. Staff at eShores will be able to direct you to some hidden gems from their own experience and knowledge of the country.

Swap Ko Chang for Ko Kut

Thailand has more than 1,400 islands, but some travellers go to the same ones. This may because they have a good reputation, convenient amenities and regular transport links, but means they can get quite busy. To find your own desert island beach make the effort and pick one of the other options.

A good example is Ko Kut and it isn’t too difficult to get to. In fact, you can wave goodbye to the crowds on Ko Chang and get a boat from there. With just a few small resorts and a distinct lack of development, you can kick back on the beach pretty much undisturbed. Now that’s the dream!

Thailand. Photo credit: istockGet up at the crack of dawn

Check the opening hours of top attractions that you really want to include in your itinerary and be there before anyone else. The early morning may feel like an inconvenience, but if you can get an hour in the Royal Palace before anyone else arrives or some special photos of a temple when it’s deserted, it’ll be worth it.

Get the perfect balance with a Multi Centre Holiday

There will always be popular tourist attractions you want to see, and busy resorts you’ll want to visit, however with a Thailand Multi Centre holiday you don’t have to compromise and can combine the top spots with some hidden gems. Combine Bangkok and Phuket, with Ko Chang and Ko Kut to get that perfect balance of popular and secluded.

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