This itinerary explores the best of what Thailand has to offer. Experience the fast paced city of Bangkok. Take in the northern cities of Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai and see how Thailand used to be. Then relax on the beaches that Thailand is most famous for

21 Night Packages, From £1,495*

Price is a guide for this multi-centre holiday including all your flights, ferries, hotels and transfers.

* Prices are only to act as a guide


3 Nights – Bangkok
2 Nights – Chiang Rai
2 Nights – Chiang Mai
7 Nights – Phuket
3 Nights – Phi Phi
4 Nights – Krabi

✈ UK – Bangkok (3 Nights): First you will fly from your chosen UK Airport to Bangkok where you’ll have 3 nights to explore this vibrant city. Take in the famous sights such as the Grand Palace, visit the designer shopping centres and night markets and enjoy the wealth of nightlife on offer. You can either explore the city on your own or we can arrange one of our guides to show you the sights.

✈ Bangkok – Chiang Rai (2 Nights): Next you’ll fly up to Chiang Rai where you’ll encounter a land rich in culture and traditions. Your days here can be spent exploring the famous Golden Triangle and witnessing a place that’s been trapped in time.

🚗 Chiang Rai – Chiang Mai (2 Nights): We’ll then transfer you to Chiang Mai where you’ll have 2 nights to explore this captivating city, much more relaxed than Bangkok but just as interesting. From here you can go trekking through the jungle, you can see elephants in the natural environment, explore the temples and meet the fascinating northern hill tribes.

✈ Chiang Mai – Phuket (7 Nights):   Leaving Chiang Mai you’ll fly direct to Phuket where you’ll have 5 nights to relax on Thailand’s most famous tropical island. This island is popular as it caters for so many different tastes; there are peaceful beach resorts such as Panwa and lively resorts such as Patong. No matter what you’re after Phuket can deliver. Spend your time in Phuket relaxing on the beaches, or exploring this topical island escape.

⛴ Phuket – Phi Phi (3 Nights): After your stay in Phuket we will transfer you by boat to Phi Phi, made famous by the film ‘The Beach’ Phi Phi is a secluded island paradise.

⛴ Phi Phi – Krabi (4 Nights): To finish your itinerary well then transfer you by boat to Krabi which is one of the most visually stunning places in Thailand and a perfect end to your trip. Most the images you’ll have seen of Thailand will be from Krabi. There are tall limestone rocks that jut out of the sea, towering mountains and limestone cliffs that create an impressive back drop and palms trees that roll down the mountain side to the stunning beaches at the bottom. Spend your time here either relaxing in this beautiful setting or explore the numerous cast away islands that dot the coast.

✈ Krabi – UK: Leaving Krabi you’ll fly back to your chosen UK airport.