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Best of the Brunch: The 28 Best Brunch Restaurants in the World

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Best of the Brunch: The 28 Best Brunch Restaurants in the World

When experiencing a new city, there’s nothing better than a hearty brunch to fuel a day of exploration.

We navigated the maze of online reviews, collaborated with expert food bloggers, and used our first-hand experience to curate a list of the best brunch spots serving peckish patrons across the world.

Booming Brunch Popularity

The number of British people searching for brunch has increased by 123% from last year, and it’s still growing. In the last six months alone, the amount of online interest in brunch in the UK has increased by almost 50%.

It’s not just a UK phenomenon, either. A worldwide trend suggests that we’re all becoming brunch aficionados, with significant increases in search traffic in locations like Canada (a whopping 234% increase over the last year), Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, United Arab Emirates, the United States, and in many countries across Europe.

Luxury travel and food blogger Aftab Pathan of Fresh & Fearless gave us his insight on why brunch has become so popular: “I love brunch because it’s a cross between breakfast and lunch, it’s acceptable to drink alcohol at brunch, and it’s always going to be a delicious affair. I think it has become more popular as it allows you to get a lie in whilst meeting your friends over some delicious food and still leaves you with the main part of your day afterwards.”



Europe is an incredible continent for foodies – there’s an endless supply of quaint, captivating, and unforgettable places to eat.

Aside from food, if you venture to Paris be sure to pay a visit to the Louvre at night. Devoid of the stifling crowd, this magnificent structure is illuminated with captivating lights, and is often accompanied by busking musicians.

If you visit Budapest on your next European break, set aside a day to visit the ancient heated baths. For a bargain price, you can spend an entire day unwinding in saunas, heated pools, and large outdoor swimming pools to your heart’s content.

If the possibility of a gastronomic trip around Europe has your mouth watering, you can visit most of the cities mentioned above with our Paris, Amsterdam & Brussels and Budapest, Vienna & Prague Multi Centre Holidays.


United States

Globally, more people search for brunch in the United States than anywhere else, with an average of 165,000 searches per month – looking at the brunch restaurants on offer, it’s no wonder.

New York City is, in many ways, the home of brunch. TV shows set in the big apple were key in popularising the concept, and brunching culture took off here before spreading to the rest of the USA.

When you’re not taking in its culinary delights, be sure to experience New York City’s famous nightlife. Based on the speakeasys of the prohibition era, pay a visit to Please Don’t Tell, a bar on St. Mark’s Place. To enter, you must slip in through an innocuous-looking telephone booth that serves as a secret entrance, found inside Crif Dogs hot dog restaurant.

There’s 225 miles between our picks for New York and Washington, but you can visit both – and even drop in to Philadelphia’s Cafe La Maude in between – with our East Coast Cities Multi Centre Holiday.



When we think of Malaysia, we usually picture untouched beaches of white sand, tropical jungles brimming with rare wildlife, and dazzling golden temples. The culinary culture of Malaysia is just as exciting as the landscape, with a fusion of western-inspired and traditional brunches to enjoy.

Once you’ve filled up on the best cuisine Kuala Lumpur has to offer, head off to Monkey Hill for an unforgettable day full of cheeky primates. Upon arrival, purchase a small bag of chopped up fruit and vegetables – before long you’ll be surrounded by friendly monkeys who’ll delight in taking sweet potato or banana straight from your hand.

If this tasty trio has got you hankering for a trip to Malaysia, our Best of Malaysia Multi Centre Holiday features all of these locations, so you can take in jaw-dropping natural beauty – while enjoying three of the best brunches in the world.



The Aussies have a booming brunch culture, with a bevy of incredible destinations across Australia’s diverse landscape to enjoy.

When you’re not refuelling with refreshing cold brew coffee and organic food, pay a visit to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens. With over 75 acres of gardens to explore, take in a charming summer’s day among thousands of beautiful plants.

Or, if you’re looking for something to burn off those extra calories, spend the afternoon climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, taking in incredible views of Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, and the Blue Mountains.

You can visit every place we’ve selected in this list with our Cities of Australia Multi Centre Holiday, which also features the cosmopolitan capital of Adelaide.



French cuisine largely influences Canada’s culinary traditions – if you ignore poutine, of course. The famously affable nature of Canadians is evidence in the brilliant service you can expect at every establishment on our list.

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, Canada is the ultimate destination for taking in the majesty of nature. A trip to Canada wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Moraine Lake, a spectacular area of unrivalled beauty, ideal for unforgettable exploration.

If you appreciate the outdoors as much as a satisfying meal, you can explore Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Toronto with our Best of Canada Multi Centre Holiday.


United Arab Emirates

A city that has become synonymous with luxury, Dubai is a playground of incredible architecture, extravagant dining locations, and a sun-worshipper’s paradise.

If you’re geared up for some excitement – as well as enjoying fine food – pay a visit to Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World, the largest indoor theme park on Earth.  Inside, you’ll get a rare glimpse into a working Ferrari factory, browse iconic vehicles of the past, and even get behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

You can take in the one most modern and spectacular cities in the world with our various Dubai Holidays, including a stay in the Burj Al Arab – the world’s only 7-star hotel.



The vibrant culture of Thailand means that you’re often better off grabbing a quick bite as you navigate the bustling streets, rather than settling down for a lazy afternoon in a café.

If you’re visiting Thailand and plagued by bad luck, why not head to Bangkok’s fascinating Amulet Market? With stalls filled with thousands of sacred trinkets, Thai residents frequent this unique marketplace to buy amulets that are said to provide safety and good fortune.

We caught up with Nathan Aguilera, owner of Foodie Flash Packer, to ask about his favourite brunch destination in Thailand: “Rustic & Blue features a creative and ever-changing menu of farm-to-table ingredients. Their brunch menu features dishes ranging from French toast with fresh fruit to sriracha fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The restaurant also features a monthly dinner on their organic farm.”

See more of what this incredible country has to offer with our Thailand Multi Centre Holidays, with trips to Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai.


How many of our top brunch spots have you visited? Or have we missed your favourite place from our list? Let me know at @eshorestravel.

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