Combining Turkey’s ancient wonders with an idyllic seaside retreat, you’ll discover the vibrant city of Istanbul, journey to the ancient marvels of Troy, and conclude with a relaxing stay by the beach.

10 nights, From £695*

Price is a guide for this multi centre holiday including all your flights, hotels and transfers.

*Prices are only to act as a guide


3 Nights – Istanbul
2 Nights – Canakkale (Troy)
5 Nights – Beach

✈️ UK to Istanbul (3 Nights): You’ll begin your 10-night Turkish adventure in the vibrant city of Istanbul: a place that has a unique geographical position as it straddles both Asia and Europe and is bisected by the mighty Bosphorus strait. With this fascinating blend of cultures and influences there is a lot to explore over your 3-night stay. A great place to start is the bustling Grand Bazaar which is a sensory overload of sights, spices, sounds, smells – and shopping! Also visit the intricate Blue Mosque and take a river cruise along the Bosphorus for a relaxing way to see the city. Another must-see is the Hagia Sophia, which was built between 532 and 537 AD and is famed for its huge, intricately decorated dome, which appears to float above the central space – a true engineering marvel especially considering its time of construction in the 6th century.

🚢 🚗 Istanbul to Canakkale (Troy) (2 nights): For the next part of your trip, you will hop on the ferry from Istanbul to Bandirm, then continue the last part of the journey via road to reach Canakkale, the gateway to the ancient city of Troy. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, immortalised in the epic poems of Homer’s Iliad, is full of archaeological marvels waiting to be explored. As you wander around the ruins of the city walls, gates, and houses, you’ll come across several highlights including the iconic wooden Trojan Horse, Megaron House, which shows insights into how the upper classes lived, the Bouleuterion, where important civic discussions took place and the Odeon, a small theatre-like structure.

🚗 ✈️ Canakkale to Beach (5 Nights): After two nights exploring Troy, you’ll head back to Istanbul via car then embark on the final part your journey, where you can choose a seaside destination for five nights of relaxation. Flying from Istanbul to Dalaman or Antalya, you could opt for Ölüdeniz, renowned for its Blue Lagoon with crystal clear waters, or the vibrant atmosphere of Antalya with its rich history and pretty old town. Alternatively you may opt for the upscale marina of Gocek, a haven for sailing enthusiasts, or the charming town of Kalkan with its narrow streets, waterfront restaurants and great choice of beach clubs.

✈️ Beach to UK: You’ll return home to the UK, having experienced some of Turkey’s key ancient wonders combined with its idyllic coast.