This itinerary involves a lot of driving, but does showcase the best of Sri Lanka’s national parks, wildlife and beaches, exploring the stunning east and south coasts of the island. The itinerary can also be altered to include an internal flight to reduce the amount of driving, or alternately extra nights can be added to spread out the driving. If you enjoy taking in stunning landscapes, seeing wildlife and relaxing on beaches, this is for you.

14 Night Packages, From £2,295*

Price is a guide for this multi-centre holiday including your flights, hotels, and a private guide / driver throughout.

*Prices are only to act as a guide


1 night – Waikkal
2 nights Wilpattu National Park
3 nights – Trincomalee
2 nights – Kandy
2 nights – Yala
1 nights – Udawalawe
3 nights – Mirissa

✈️ UK to Waikkal (1 night): On arrival, a warm welcome awaits from your personal driver who will be ready to transport you to Waikkal on the western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Throughout your holiday, your dedicated driver will be at your service, ensuring seamless transfers between your hotels and offering you the flexibility to explore any additional sightseeing spots along the way. Situated along the picturesque western coast of the island, Waikkal offers pristine beaches, fringed with swaying palm trees and lapped by the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean. The real draw though, especially for nature lovers, is the nearby Muthurajawela Marsh. This expansive wetland ecosystem boasts a labyrinth of waterways and mangrove forests that are teeming with wildlife, including numerous bird species, amphibians, and reptiles. The best way to view the marshes is on a boat safari. As you wind your way through the marshes, your tour guide will help you spot the diverse array of bird species from herons and kingfishers to owls and egrets, plus mammals including the fishing cat and the endangered Sri Lankan leopard. Also, don’t forget to scan the waters for reptiles including crocodiles and water monitors.

🚗 Waikkal to Wilpattu National Park (2 nights): Heading inland and into the heart of the country’s wilderness, your driver will escort you to your next destination: Wilpattu National Park. The park is the largest and oldest national park in Sri Lanka and boasts dense forests, expansive grasslands and lakes – all home to a huge variety of creatures and best explored on a jeep safari. Some of the creatures your tour guide will help you to spot include the leopard, elephant, and sloth bear plus various bird species including painted storks, crested serpent eagles, and peafowl.

🚗 Wilpattu National Park to Trincomalee (3 nights): Next, you’ll travel to the north-eastern coast of Sri Lanka to discover the historic town of Trincomalee. Beyond Trincomalee’s fascinating cultural heritage and landmarks lies a paradise for nature lovers.
The nearby Pigeon Island National Park, boasting vibrant coral reefs and a wealth of marine life, is a great place to take in Sri Lanka’s stunning natural beauty. It’s also home to a fascinating variety of bird species including the Nicobar pigeon, after which the island is named. The area’s picturesque beaches are perfect for snorkelling and dolphin watching, and for those who prefer to stay on dry land, there are plenty of glass-bottom boat trips for you to enjoy the underwater life.

🚗 Trincomalee to Kandy (2 nights): For the next stop on your itinerary you’ll head to Kandy, a picturesque town in the heart of the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka. Here, nestled amidst rolling hills, lies the Temple of the Tooth Relic, believed to house a tooth belonging to Lord Buddha. Just a short walk away you’ll find the serene Kandy Lake, which is surrounded by lush greenery including a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, and home to various bird species.

🚗 / 🚂 Kandy to Yala (2 nights): For the next part of your adventure, you can choose between a direct private transfer to Yala or opt for a beautifully scenic train journey that takes you from Kandy to Ella, located approximately three-quarters along the route. Upon reaching the train station in Ella, your driver will be ready to take you on the final part of your journey via car to Yala. The train journey from Kandy to Ella is renowned for its stunning scenery, passing through picturesque tea plantations, mist-covered mountains, and lush green valleys, and is very popular with our eShores clients. Yala itself is home to Yala National Park, the country’s most visited national park. Boasting dense forests, expansive grasslands and coastal lagoons, the best way to get up and personal with the wide range of wildlife is to take a jeep safari where you can spot the Sri Lankan leopard, elephants, sloth bears, and various species of birds.

🚗 Yala to Udawalawe (1 night): From one iconic park to the next, your driver will transfer you from Yala to Udawalawe, renowned for its large herds of Asian elephants which roam freely in their natural habitat. Along with the elephants there is a range of other fascinating wildlife, including leopards, sloth bears and water buffalo. In the centre of the park, the Udawalawe Reservoir offers fabulous opportunities for birdwatching.

🚗 Udawalawe to Mirissa (3 nights): To round off your unforgettable Sri Lankan journey, you’ll head to the beautiful beaches of Mirissa. Here, you can bask on the pristine beaches and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters. With its idyllic setting it’s the perfect way to savour the last few days of your holiday in Sri Lanka.

✈️ Mirissa to UK: You’ll board your flight back to the UK; with countless memories and photos of the wonderful Sri Lankan wildlife you’ll have encountered.