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Italy is the capital of love: The world’s romance hotspots

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Italy is the capital of love: The world’s romance hotspots

Are you looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway? Look no further!

To celebrate all things love, the team at eShores has researched some of the best locations for romance around the world. We’ve looked into forecasted marriage and divorce rates, relationship satisfaction, interest in proposals in the country and popularity for honeymoons, ranking countries based on their combined scores.

While Italy reigned supreme, the rest of the top ten may surprise you! Read on to learn about the world’s romance hotspots and discover why these locations offer the perfect backdrop for blossoming love.


The top 10 countries for love

1.     Italy 6. Japan
2.     Poland 7. Mexico
3.     United States 8. Australia
4.     United Kingdom 9. France
5.     Turkey 10. Croatia


Country Forecast 2024 Marriage Rate

(per 1,000 inhabitants)

Forecast 2024 Divorce Rate

(per 1,000 inhabitants)

Interest in Searches for Honeymoons (where lower scores indicate higher interest) Interest in Searches for Proposals (where lower scores indicate higher interest) Relationship Satisfaction Score 

(where higher scores indicate greater satisfaction)

Total combined score

(lower scores indicate higher ranking)

Italy 2.6 1.4 1 4 7.79 6.6
Poland 4.8 1.8 NA NA 7.74 6.67
USA 5.1 3.1 4 5 7.88 7.2
UK 3.8 1.9 NA 2 NA 7.6
Turkey 5.8 1.9 17 NA 7.29 8
Japan 4.3 2.4 6 3 NA 8.75
Mexico 3.5 1.5 9 12 7.78 8.8
Australia 4.0 2.1 13 NA 7.74 10
France 3.1 1.9 20 1 NA 11.5
Croatia NA 1.5 14 NA 7.62 11.66

NA indicates no data available. Only countries with at least three available metrics were included in the final ranking.


With soaring honeymoon rates, high interest as a proposal destination and low rates of local divorce, Italy reigns supreme in romance for visitors and locals alike. We also saw Poland take a noteworthy second place, marking the country as a true hidden gem of romance.

And there’s good news for the UK, too – the country came in fourth on the list, ranking above traditional romantic destinations such as France. London, in particular, is a hotspot for destination proposals, showing Brits don’t need to venture too far from home to feel the love.


Why are these the best countries for love?

So, what was it about these locations that marked them as hotspots for love? Here, we’re breaking down the full top ten.


  1. Italy

Italy’s allure knows no bounds, as the country came in first on the list due to its high romance rates for both visitors and locals. Italy’s idyllic backdrop makes it the number one destination for UK honeymoon searches, while it ranks fourth as a proposal destination.

Florence and the Amalfi Coast are the top places for proposals, while honeymooners are heading to Rome, Venice, Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. Italy also has the lowest divorce rate of all the countries ranked and comes in a top five position for relationship satisfaction, showing that the locals in Italy are as loved up as its tourists!


  1. Poland

Despite flying under the radar as a traditional romantic destination, Poland ranks second on the love index due to high rates of romance among its population. This romantic hidden gem ranks in the top five for high marriage and low divorce rates and scores strongly for relationship satisfaction.

There are plenty of destinations for couples looking for a cost-effective romantic getaway, too. Wroclaw is called the ‘Polish Venice’ due to over 100 picturesque bridges over the Oder River, with the most famous – the Tumski Bridge – nicknamed ‘The Bridge of Lovers’.


  1. USA

The USA secures its place as the third most romantic location due to its high marriage rates, high number of destination proposals, high honeymoon rates and a top five local relationship satisfaction score.

Couples considering a trip to the US who want love on the agenda should head to Hawaii, San Francisco or New York, three of the country’s most searched locations for marriage proposals.


  1. UK

The UK made an appearance in the top five most romantic countries in the world, showing Brits don’t always need to stray too far from home for a romantic getaway.

The UK has the 13th highest marriage rate and the eighth lowest divorce rate of all the countries analysed, but it is propelled higher in the rankings due to the high interest in destination marriage proposals in the capital, London.


  1. Turkey

Fifth on the list of romantic destinations is another unexpected choice – Turkey. Data shows that locals in Turkey are some of the most loved-up in the world, with the country boasting the highest marriage rates and ranking seventh for low divorce rates. There’s also interest in Turkey as a honeymoon destination, with couples searching for luxury resorts and hotels with private pools to relax and enjoy newlywed bliss.


  1. Japan

Coming in sixth on the list is Japan. While Japan didn’t rank in the top ten for high marriage or low divorce rates, the country was propelled higher on the list due to interest as a honeymoon and proposal destination. Japan ranked sixth for interest in honeymoons and an impressive third for proposals.

Popular spots in Japan for couples include Kyoto, with its historic temples and scenic gardens, and Hakone in the foothills of Mount Fuji, where couples can relax in beautiful hot spring baths.


  1. Mexico

With the second lowest divorce rate of all the countries analysed, Mexico takes the seventh position overall when it comes to love. Mexico also ranked eighth most popular as a honeymoon destination and 12th for destination proposals.

With its stunning natural beauty, rich heritage and luxurious resorts, couples looking for a romantic trip to Mexico have plenty of options to explore.


  1. Australia

Looking for love down under? Great news – Australia made the top ten! Australia has the ninth lowest divorce rates of all the countries analysed and ranked 12th for interest as a honeymoon destination.

The locals in Australia are loved up, too, with the country ranking ninth for relationship satisfaction. With diverse landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef and the Outback, thriving cities and stunning beaches, Australia has something for every couple.


  1. France

Taking a perhaps surprising ninth place on the list is France. France scored first when it comes to interest as a proposal destination, with high interest in proposals in Paris, known as the ‘City of Love’. However, a relatively low marriage score and low interest as a honeymoon destination contributed to France’s lower overall combined score.

Still, France (and Paris, in particular) offer an iconic backdrop for loved-up couples, with a combination of charming architecture, beautiful cuisine and cultural delights.


  1. Croatia

Coming in tenth place is beautiful Croatia, thanks to interest in the country as a honeymoon destination and happily-in-love locals – Croatia has the third lowest divorce rate of all the countries analysed.

Croatia has a breathtaking coastline along the Adriatic Sea and is renowned for its crystal-clear water, picturesque seaside towns and historic cities. Couples heading to Croatia can find a myriad of enchanting islands, perfect for a romantic getaway.


Methodology: how did we find the best countries for love?

To create our index, we looked at:

  • Forecast 2024 marriage rates. Using historical data from 1960 onwards, we forecast the current marriage rate in various countries. (
  • Forecast 2024 divorce rates. Using historical data from 1960 onwards, we forecast the current divorce rate in various countries. (
  • Interest in honeymoons. Using Google Search data (via ahrefs), we ranked countries in order of search interest for the term “honeymoon in x”.
  • Interest in proposals. Using Google Search data (via ahrefs), we ranked countries in order of search interest for the term “proposing in x”.
  • Relationship satisfaction score. We ranked countries based on a scientific study from the University of Wroclaw, which surveyed almost 9,500 people from 45 countries about their relationship satisfaction.


Countries received a score for each individual metric, with lower scores indicating a greater love score. The best country scored 1, the second best scored 2, and so on. Then, the scores for the five metrics were averaged to create each county’s total combined score, with the lower the score, the higher the ranking in the love index.


Explore romantic destinations at eShores

By uncovering these romantic hotspots, we hope more couples can take inspiration for their next love-filled adventure and create timeless memories together.

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, we can put together your dream holiday itinerary. From multi centre holidays to the honeymoon of your dreams, get in touch with our friendly team to start planning your next trip.

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