If your dream holiday involves spectacular beaches on an idyllic tropical island, then the Seychelles will tick the box. Why not combine your relaxing week of sand, sea and sun with a few days in Dubai on the way too? Not only will it break up your long-haul flight but there’s so much to do and see in Dubai that it will be a fantastic contrast to relaxing on the beach.

10 nights, From £1,595*

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3 Nights – Dubai
7 Nights – Seychelles

UK – Dubai (3 Nights): Your holiday begins with you flying from your chosen UK airport to the stunning and diverse UAE city of Dubai, where you can expect the ultimate combination of beachside fun and modern city life. Over the three nights you spend here, you’ll have plenty of time to explore the world-class hotels, shopping, restaurants and attractions. From amazing water parks and indoor skiing to iconic dining, there’s every kind of entertainment you can imagine on a Dubai multi centre holiday.

You can choose from a range of modern hotels, leaving you perfectly placed to enjoy the bright lights and attractions of the city. Sit back and enjoy the sunshine during the day or head to a waterpark before taking it easy in some of the world’s finest bars and restaurants by night. There are over 5,000 restaurants to choose from, with offerings from some of the world’s best chefs.

For a look into traditional Dubai life, you can browse and barter in the city’s markets or pay a visit to one of the ‘supermalls’ for a serious shopping trip. For activities, you’ll also find yourself spoiled for choice in the Dubai portion of your multi centre holiday. From adventures in the desert to high-speed jet ski tours on the water, there’s something for everyone in Dubai.

You can find an excellent mixture of modern, man-made marvels alongside natural beauty in Dubai. Visit the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, to enjoy expansive views over the city before taking a trip on a traditional wooden water taxi (an abra) to Dubai’s Old Town and Deira Creekside. The Creek has been a port and Dubai’s main connection to the world for centuries and, while the current Creek’s construction only dates to the 60s, it still sits in stark contrast to the ultra-modern city we know today. Surrounding the Creek you can find the best of Old Dubai, including the Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood, where you can explore museums, galleries and traditional food vendors.

Dubai – Seychelles (7 Nights): After exploring all that Dubai has to offer, your multi centre holiday continues in the Seychelles. You fly to your new tropical destination, where you will find 115 jewel-like islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. With surroundings of lush forest, pure white sand, azure waters, and rare wildlife, the unspoiled Seychelles are well known for their beauty.

The largest island on the Seychelles is Mahé, where you’ll also find the international airport – making it a great spot to start and finish your trip. The vibrant coral reefs are an exceptional spot for snorkelling and diving, but there’s also plenty to do away from the coast. Head to the charming town of Victoria for colourful markets, or explore the mountains in the Morne Seychelles National Park for a hike, rewarded by breathtaking views of the ocean below.

There are a huge variety of islands in the Seychelles, each with its own unique feel. To make the most of the beautiful setting, many people choose to go island hopping. So, after Mahé, why not explore another island? The second largest island is Praslin, where you can discover the indigenous forests of Coco de Mer palms, or visit the beaches. Praslin is more laid-back than Mahé, and the stunning beaches are important turtle breeding sites. Walking around the island you could get a glimpse of the giant Aldabra tortoises or even a rare black parrot.

Alongside the beautiful surroundings, the Seychelles are home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world. From being pampered in world-class spas to indulging in cuisine from top chefs, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this idyllic paradise.

Seychelles – UK:

Once you’ve spent the week unwinding, you fly back to your chosen UK airport.


Why choose a Seychelles and Dubai multi centre holiday?

A Seychelles and Dubai multi centre holiday allows you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy a metropolitan city trip in Dubai, exploring the bright lights, enthralling shopping centres and excellent cuisine options, before heading over to the Seychelles portion of your multi centre holiday for some rest and relaxation.

A Seychelles and Dubai multi centre trip is an excellent way to cross two excellent locations off your list. Dubai sits on the way to the Seychelles, giving you a great opportunity to break up your long-haul flight with another adventure. The contrast of these two locations makes for an excellent, diverse trip away, where you can explore some of the most luxurious destinations on earth.

Things to Do

Is there nightlife in Dubai?

Yes, there is plenty of nightlife to be found in Dubai. Dubai is a large, bustling city, so if you want to spend an evening or night exploring the nightlife, you’ll be spoiled for choice. There are various options to cater for different tastes, from rooftop cocktail bars where you can enjoy a drink while taking in breathtaking city skyline views, to popular clubs and live music venues for a bigger night out. Many of the hotels in the area also have their own bars or nightclubs, giving you plenty of options if you want to keep the experiences coming after sundown.

While you’ll find plenty of options for nightlife in Dubai, it’s important to remember the regulations and cultural norms of the area, particularly around dress and alcohol. You’ll likely need ID at most venues and should make sure you’re only consuming alcohol in venues with valid licences; it is illegal to consume alcohol in public places such as parks, beaches or the streets, except for some designated areas. Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, you’ll find additional restrictions on consuming alcohol, particularly before sunset, so we’d recommend familiarising yourself with the guidelines before arriving in Dubai.


What are the best beaches in Seychelles?

If you’re considering a multi centre holiday in the Seychelles, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches to explore. The Seychelles is knowns for its pristine sands and azure waters, and each area offers spectacular beauty spots.

On Mahé Island, head to Anse Intendance, a long, pristine stretch of sand with a backdrop of lush greenery, or visit Beau Vallon for a livelier option where you can check out water sports and beachside bars and restaurants. On Praslin Island, Anse Lazio is a tranquil beach known for its crystal-clear waters. On La Digue Island, you will find the iconic Anse Source d’Argent, which many consider one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With its unique granite boulders, palm-lined coastline and calm, turquoise waters, this beach is the perfect spot for swimming and relaxing.


What’s the culture like in Dubai?

Dubai is a diverse, modern location that also incorporates more traditional Arabian culture. Islam is the official religion of the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai, which means you’ll find Islamic cultures and traditions observed throughout the city. It’s important you respect the local culture and sensitivities, particularly when enjoying local cultural or religious festivals.