Blending Old World charm, architectural marvels, getaway forests and world-class beaches into one culture-rich package, this 14-night Croatian Experience will take you from vibrant cityscapes and stunning sands, to some of the calmest greenery on earth. As with all our destinations, we’ll be there every step of the way, from meeting you at the airport and various transfer points, to making sure you’re escorted to your chosen hotel in comfort.

14 nights,  Packages,  From £995*

Price is a guide for this multi centre holiday, including all your flights, hotels, ferries, buses and transfers.

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2 Nights Zagreb
2 Nights Croatian Lakes
3 Nights Split
4 Nights Korčula (other island options available)
3 Nights Dubrovnik

UK- Zagreb (2 Nights): You’ll fly direct to the charming city of Zagreb, where we’ll transfer you straight to your chosen hotel. An era gone by as much as it is a European capital, Zagreb is a cultural melting pot of Austro-Hungarian architecture, red-roofed beauty and easygoing bustle. Nowhere else will you find a city with 20 farmer’s markets and more museums per square metre than anywhere on earth, all in the humbling shadow of Gothic cathedrals and sundrenched medieval cobbles. The Gornji Grad Upper Town showcases St. Mark’s Church, the shrine-dedicated Old Town Gate and a splash of quirk from the Museum of Broken Relationships. Wander the Donji Grad Lower Town for lush greenery, settle into Tkalčićeva Street’s cosy restaurants and admire the Meštrović sculptures dotting squares and pavilion galleries.

Zagreb- Croatian Lakes (2 Nights): For unparallelled natural beauty, you’ll head by bus or private transfer to the Plitviče Lakes National Park, where 16 terraced lakes stagger hidden waterfalls, limestone canyons and woodland deer. You’re here to soak up nature at its finest, from the rich vegetation, to the rare bird species. Hike to your heart’s content, knowing you can return to comfort (or luxury) with your chosen hotel. Take in emerald greens, azure-blue waters and all the fresh air in the world.

Croatian Lakes- Split (3 Nights): Replacing gushing waterfalls with Split’s “historical hip”, you’ll head south by bus or private transfer to Croatia’s second-largest city. Up-and-coming bars and boutiques here fill colourful squares between the 4th-century Diocletian’s Palace and St. Duje’s Cathedral, but Split is a city with a pulse. Fashion-forward and award-winning dining scenes fuse beautifully over the Adriatic’s scenic waters, and they’re great for bathing on the happening Bačvice Beach. Wander the Riva promenade, peruse the medieval Varoš district and bar hop around the buzzing spots surrounding palatial squares.

Split- Korčula (4 Nights): Korčula is just one of the Adriatic’s tranquil and postcard-perfect islands. You can choose from others for this part of your holiday, where a ferry from Split will transfer you for 4 nights of traditional charm and secluded cove beaches. Gentle, lapping waters here are crystal clear and horizons are uninterrupted. The Old Town’s peninsula setting forms neatly lined, red-roofed houses, circular fortress stone and a shrouding of mystery- many claim that Marco Polo was born here. By day, ancient stone alleys circle around the majestic St Mark’s Cathedral. Sunsets over the Vela Luka harbour are spectacular, and Moreška dancers come alive in evenings. Make room for the Žrnovski Makaruni pasta- it’s hand-made.

Korčula- Dubrovnik (3 Nights): Returning to the mainland by ferry, you’ll head to Dubrovnik for the picturesque-yet-happening allure of this beautiful walled city. In fact, you can tour the 13th-century walls on foot in just over a mile. Lose yourself in the limestone walkways dividing the Sponza and Rector’s palaces, and really soak in this city’s well-earned “Pearl of the Adriatic” nickname. Cable cars to Mount Srd offer stunning views across Gothic church spires and bell towers, but remember, Dubrovnik isn’t just a feast for the eyes. The dining and entertainment scenes are some of the finest in Europe. Add on the beach clubs overlooking turquoise waters, and Dubrovnik is saying one thing: “What more could you ask for?”

Dubrovnik- UK: We’ll be there to meet you on your departure day to ensure your direct flight back to the UK goes smoothly.