This multi-centre holiday is ideal to take in China’s highlights, whilst still offering you plenty of time to relax at the end. Combine China’s three most popular destinations, visit the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Warriors, explore China’s two most exhilarating cities, before heading to the tropical island of Hainan to complete this amazing journey – this really is a holiday of a lifetime.

14 nights,  From £1,525*

Price is a guide for this multi-centre holiday including all your flights, hotels and transfers.

* Prices are only to act as a guide


3 Nights – Beijing
2 Nights – Xi’an
3 Nights – Shanghai
6 Nights – Hainan Island (Other options available)

✈ UK – Beijing (3 Nights): First we will fly you from the UK to Beijing, where we’ll meet you on arrival and transfer you to your first hotel, where you’ll stay for 3 nights.

Buzzing, busy and breath-taking, Beijing is home to some of the World’s most incredible sights, and is the second largest city in China (after Shanghai). Its history dates back over 3000 years and its longevity is clearly displayed in its plethora of remarkable sights like The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Pearl Market and Silk Alley as well as its many stunning temples, palaces and parks.

✈ Beijing – Xi’an (2 Nights): After your stay in Beijing we’ll transfer you back to the airport for an onward flight to Xi’an. We’ll then meet you at the other end, to transfer you to your next hotel where you’ll stay for a further 2 nights.

Xian, the fascinating capital of the Shaanxi Province has a rich heritage. Xian is the starting point for the famous Silk Road and it was the former capital city of China for more than a thousand years, spanning 13 dynasties. Xian’s history is clearly demonstrated in the abundance of cultural attractions with undoubtedly the biggest draw, the truly mesmerising Terracotta Warriors.

✈ Xian – Shanghai (3 Nights): When your stay in Xi’an comes to an end, we’ll transfer you back to the airport for your next flight to Shanghai. We’ll then meet you at Shanghai airport to transfer you to your final hotel, where you will spend your last 3 nights.

The vibrant metropolis of Shanghai is China’s largest city. It has seen phenomenal growth over the last 25 years and is now a global financial centre with a skyline crammed full of modern skyscrapers overlooking the Shanghai of old with its classical Chinese architecture and pagodas. The mix of the modern cosmopolitan vibe and the traditional Chinese culture is a great draw for tourists as it offers a variety of experiences.

✈ Shanghai – Sanya (6 Nights): Upon checking out of your Shanghai hotel, we’ll transfer you back to the airport for your next flight to Sanya. We’ll then meet you in Sanya to transfer you to your final hotel, where you will spend your last 6 nights.

Known for its tropical climate and stunning beaches, Hainan Island is the perfect place to end your China holiday. Sanya in the south has many beach resorts on offer, dependent on what you’re looking for. The most popular resort is Yalong Bay, a stunning resort with numerous luxury hotels, shops bars and restaurants on offer.

✈ Sanya – UK: On your final day on Hainan Island, we’ll transfer you back to Sanya Airport, where you will get your flight back to the UK.