The southern most region of New Zealand’s South Island is a nature and wildlife lover’s paradise, with its dramatic scenery including lush rainforests, sweeping coast lines and dense forest.


The region is also home to the hilly university city of Dunedin with its Scottish roots evident everywhere from the gothic architecture to the traditional haggis ceremony!

From Dunedin you can explore the scenic Otago Peninsula with its abundance of wildlife and dramatic cliffs or stop at Koekohe Beach to see the unique Moeraki Boulders. These huge perfectly spherical stones scattered along the beach measure up to two metres in diameter.

A 20-minute flight or one-hour ferry trip from the southern tip will take you across the Foveaux Strait to Stewart Island. With its untouched landscapes of emerald-green rainforest and white sandy beaches, Stewart Island is known as the ultimate escape. The island’s Maori name is Rakiura – Land of the Glowing Skies due to the spectacular summer sunsets and winter auroras. Here, only the chorus of birdsong breaks the peace.

With 240 kilometres of treks across the island there are endless adventures to be had for either a short stroll or a longer hike stretched over several days. The island is home to the largest and most diverse bird population in New Zealand, here is your chance to get up close to kaka, albatross, penguins, weka and even kiwi.