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When all someone wants in life is to wander the world, buying them gifts for Christmas can be something of a nightmare (unless you have the cash for a one-way ticket that is). However, if you delve a little deeper, there are plenty of great things you can get a travel lover. The trick is to break it down into two key areas: gifts to inspire and gifts that are useful. Here are some of our top presents to give the traveller in your life this year.

Gifts to inspire

Travel planner: This is such a useful gift for someone who loves travel but isn’t necessarily going to go ‘travelling’ for a few months. In the planner you can put all of the places you’ve been, all the places you want to go and all the things you want to see. Essentially, it’s a way to organise your travel throughout your life, allowing you to tick things off as you see them and prioritise where you want to go. The best planners will also have category breakdowns, so you can select holidays based on what you’re looking for at any given time, such as European city breaks for example.

Scratch map: If your travel lover is also partial to some travel-inspired interior design, you can’t go far wrong with a scratch map. Invented in 2009 by Luckies of London, they have a gold foil layer that can be scratched off once the country has been visited. Underneath the foil is the nation in colour and its capital. Pop these in a glass-less frame to make a really beautiful and unique gift.

Travel guides: Part of the joy of travelling is learning about new cultures and countries, but this has to start before you begin your travels. Travel guides are brilliant for inspiring people, helping to plan a trip and learning important information about a given country. There are loads out there too, covering everything from standard tourist stuff to information about going off the beaten track.

Photo credit: iStockUseful gifts

High quality camera: A more expensive gift, a high quality camera is often the tool a traveller needs to inspire them to take their next trip. Once you’re able to capture the places you visit and the experiences you have in high quality technicolour, suddenly your desire to explore the world becomes a mandate to record and communicate to others through visuals. After all, it is through powerful images that we get an understanding of cultures and events.

Care package: When you’re travelling, it’s often the comforts of home that you miss and need the most. If you have a loved one who’s currently wandering the world, send them a care package with all of their favourite things they can’t get overseas. This might be Yorkshire Tea, Cadbury’s chocolate, a certain hair product or perfume, or a good book (finding a decent book in a hostel book exchange can be a nightmare).

Trek towel: You can’t travel without trekking and trekking is hard work. Consequently, you sweat. However, lugging around a normal towel isn’t practical. A trek towel is lightweight, antibacterial and can be folded up and put in a rucksack.

Tablet: A tablet can be really useful for a traveller, especially if they go away for short periods of time. They’re more lightweight than laptops and easier to use than smartphones but still allow you to surf the net, use apps, take images, email and read. It also means you can better track your travel and keep in touch with life back home.

Subscription to online streaming services: Netflix (or Prime – whatever you choose) is the dream when you’re on the road but it’s an unnecessary expense for many cash-strapped travellers. Consequently, giving this as a gift would be very much appreciated, as it means people can still kick back and watch movies and shows on the other side of the world – a welcome break from trekking, night buses and lugging your luggage around everywhere.

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