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When packing the general rule is less is more. After all, lugging around a huge suitcase or backpack containing loads of clothes and other items you won’t use can make your trip harder than necessary. There are certain things that break this rule, however and investing in them will make your multi-centre holiday so much better in the long-term. Here’s a rundown of the items you really should be packing for your next adventure.

1.      International adaptor

There’s no getting away from the fact that the modern traveller takes plenty of technology and gadgets with them. All of these will need charging at some point and that can be tricky when presented with a wide range of different sockets all over the world. An international adaptor will mean you never have to worry about a power supply again.

2.      Pegless washing line

This ingenious piece of twisted cord can be strung up anywhere on your travels and means you can wash small items without any trouble, ensuring your wardrobe is ticking over. Some even have suction cups on each end to aid in putting it up. Without the need for pegs, your smalls will not fly away in the breeze.

3.      Airline bottles

Instead of purchasing miniature bottles of your cosmetics every time you travel, buy a set of reusable bottles that are each 100 millilitres in volume. This way you can decant a small amount of your shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and moisturising cream before each trip.

Photo credit: iStock4.      A padlock

While a small padlock may not be a deterrent for determined thieves, it may prevent any opportunist from stealing your possessions. It could be attached to your backpack or used to keep money or your passport secure.If you’re travelling to the USA though, and you’ll be using it on your suitcase, make sure it’s an approved lock otherwise they may cut it off.

5.      Eye mask and earplugs

You never know when a pair of earplugs will be the difference between a good night’s sleep and being grouchy the whole of the next day. It could be noisy neighbours in your accommodation or the sounds of a night bus trundling through the countryside. Also, having the option to shut out light means you can bed down in all sorts of places, from airports to beaches.

Photo credit: iStock6.      Pashmina and/or sarong

A piece of fabric, which is essentially all pashimnas and sarongs are, can be useful in a wide range of situations. For example, it can be used as a blanket when the air conditioning on a plane, bus or coach is over-zealous, to dry yourself off on the beach, or to cover arms and legs when entering a religious site anywhere in the world.

7.      A foldaway waterproof poncho

Getting caught unexpectedly in the rain can quite literally put a dampener on your plans for the day. Having a lightweight poncho to hand, which can be thrown over yourself and your day sack can make all the difference and mean showers won’t stop you in your tracks.

8.      A selection of purses, wallets, money belts and card holders

If rule number one of travel is to pack light, rule number two is to split up your means of payment. This involves putting cash and cards in different places and having a small amount of money in a readily available purse or wallet for buying things. Stash money and cards in several locations to protect against being completely destitute if one bag is stolen or goes missing.

Photo credit: iStock9.      Basic penknife

This is one item that can be incredibly useful, but must be foregone if travelling by plane with hand luggage only. A basic penknife can come in handy in a variety of situations, from cutting toe nails to slicing cheese on a picnic. Versions with too many attachments can be frustrating, as it’s difficult to find the tool you’re looking for.

10. Cheap waterproof watch

Missing a flight, bus or ferry or even the start of a tour around an incredible building can cause huge disappointment when travelling. This makes having a watch that you can adjust the time zone on easily absolutely paramount. A waterproof one will mean it can stand up to anything you throw at it during your adventures, but make sure it’s not expensive, as flashy items can attract thieves.

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Gavin is one of the directors of eShores. He came from a sales & marketing background but always had a passion for travel. Being a quick learner, Gavin soon learnt what went in to building and creating a dream holiday and he already understood what makes a successful business, this being the perfect combination, along with his customer focus, to create the eShores team. Gavin has travelled to many places around the globe from Europe to USA, the Far East to South Africa and Australia. There is not a destination he doesn't know. When he can get away he will always go somewhere new as long as he can enjoy nice food, nice wine and stay away from the Karaoke!